More good life (spoilers): Barbara finds her baby’s name… thanks to Abdel

On November 18 in Plus belle la vie (France 3, 8:20 pm), Mathieu is transferred to Marseille, Barbara chooses her baby’s name and the Mistralians look to the future…

In the double episode of A better life from Friday November 18, 2022, Jules (Val Duclaux) and Lola (Marie Mallia) go to the Mistral bar. Kilian learns that his sister has become closer to his friend lately, and rightly so: Grandma admits that she and Jules have been a couple since Halloween. Passing by the bar, Léa (Marie Henneroux) is surprised to see Betty there. The teenager explained that he returned to Kilian and began therapy. He is better now. Together, Kilian and Betty build a wall of poladoids that unites all the inhabitants of Mistral. Mirta (Sylvie Flepp) finds the idea wonderful. He thinks that Roland (Michel Cordes) has very good intuition by bequeathing his bar to Kilian. He would be proud to see the way it was taken care of.

Early in the morning, Mathieu (Julien Courbey) announces to Ariane (Lola Marois) that he must return to Cannes. The transfer he requested was accepted and he must prepare his affairs. Ariane, who was very attached to him, had a hard time hiding her disappointment. But Mathieu finally told her the truth: he was transferred to Marseille, he was close to her. Happy, Ariane held him in her arms. Later, Mathieu accompanies Ariane to her father’s house to help her clean out her things. On the spot, the young policeman recalled some painful memories with his parents. Mathieu promises her that the rest of her story will be better; they will both write it.

Barbara chose her baby’s name

Barbara (Léa François) is depressed. She must choose her baby’s name, but she finds it difficult to make this decision alone. Estelle (Élodie Varlet) teaches her that there are many people there to help her, but Barbara struggles to overcome the absence of Abdel (Marwan Berreni), who has been openly ignored since the announcement of her pregnancy. . Worried about Barbara, Estelle calls on the Mistralians to come up with ideas for first names. Nisma (Ella Philippe) asks for Abdel’s opinion, but the young man does not want to interfere. His little protégé finds his behavior strange. The more he tries to ignore Barbara’s son, the more he feels that she is important to him. Abdel explained to him that he did not know what behavior to use. Barbara being his ex, he prefers to keep his distance to preserve his story with Elisa (Zara Prassinot). However, he was happy to learn that Barbara was expecting a baby boy. As soon as Nisma left, he made a proposal for a first name in the group of Mistralians under the name of “anonymous neighbor”. Later, several Mistralians join Barbara at Marci’s to show her their list of first names. Barbara fell in love at the suggestion of an “anonymous neighbor”: Yaël.

At the police station, prosecutor Revel held a press conference to announce that the police had fallen victim to a conspiracy. As a result, Kévin (Théo Bertrand), Patrick (Jérôme Bertin), Jean-Paul (Stéphane Hénon) and Ariane are cleared of all the suspicions that weighed on them. The police take the opportunity to pay tribute to the residents of Mistral…

The future of the Mistralians is about to take shape

At the end of the week, Babeth (Marie Réache) and Léa answer a test that predicts their future. Patrick and Jean-Paul laugh at them, but once the two cops have their backs turned, the two cops immerse themselves in the magazine to answer questions on behalf of their children. The test predicts that Aurore will become an astronaut. Raphael, midwife. With Marci, Mirta also answers the test questions, expressing a great love for him. Luna’s mother (Anne Decis) admits to having doubts. He was no longer old enough to love, and his great love had passed: it was Roland. With the roommate, only the test is being discussed. Several people had already done this the previous day, and Sylvia (Roxane Turmel) discovered that a man had checked the exact same answers as her. Maybe this is his soul mate? Later, he overhears Romain (Simon Ehrlacher) consulting the magazine. He was surprised to see that a woman had checked the same answers as him. Roxane is convinced that she has found her better half, but Romain tells her the truth: he clicked all the answers at random.

In Scotto, Rochat (Charles Schneider) is depressed: the test predicts a dark future for him. To cheer him up, Mouss (Boubacar Kabo) and Nathan (Thibaud Vaneck) offer him to organize the Olympics between different high schools in Marseille. It didn’t take much to re-motivate the principal, who rushed to contact the rectorate to launch the project. Along with this, Noé (Florian Lesieur) drops by unexpectedly and his mother surprises François (Thierry Ragueneau). They explain that they passed the test and found the words “first love”…

For their part, Claire (Annie Grégorio) and Léo are preparing to go on vacation. Claire announces to her companion that they are going to a climate camp, to learn the basics of non-violent civil disobedience. Leo is not happy with this idea, but Claire reminds him that it is important to act in the face of the climate emergency, especially since he will have a grandchild.

At the police station, Mathieu takes a test, which predicts that she will have many children. Ariane wasn’t sure. She struggles to see herself as a mother. With Marci, the test predicts a professional disaster for Thomas. Marci’s boss is depressed, but Gabriel and Baptiste (Bryan Trésor) reassure her. Customers will never allow the restaurant to disappear. Barbara thinks she doesn’t have to take the test. She knew the future held quiet moments with her baby. However, a few seconds later, the girl found herself in a wedding dress, still pregnant…

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