The increase in stray cats

As calls from associations or individuals flood social networks looking for foster families, stray cats continue to multiply in the towns and villages of Pays Solesmois.

Although the problem is not new, the increase in stray cats seems tough. In Avesnes-les-Aubert, a citizen testifies to a situation that has been alarming, but now affects many other municipalities: “There are many unsterilized stray cats, whether large or pregnant women that we see parading around. A week ago, kittens less than 3 months old were playing in the middle of the street at midnight. And I don’t feel that there is any sterilization or prevention campaign.”said Laura Nanbru.

The conclusion is clear. It is clear that it has become almost impossible to spend a day without seeing many pictures of cats that should be used or saved from wandering around social networks. Sensitive to the animal cause and the welfare of our friends, associations, professionals or even individuals with four-legged hammers the same calls every day in search of foster families or simple information to find stray cats .

Strong steps

The Béart veterinary clinic in Solesmes regularly witnesses this. Co-signatory, since the summer of 2021, of an agreement with the City, the clinic voluntarily sterilizes and values ​​stray cats caught by the municipal police. “Since the agreement was signed, we have sterilized a good ten stray cats that can be seen thanks to ear tattoos and we have also replaced fifteen kittens. Sometimes people put them back in boxes to get rid of them by leaving them by the front door. But it is a lot of work to get a kitten to feed it, it takes time. Sometimes we have kittens that are 2 to 3 weeks old.said veterinarian Dr Laurent Panien.

For him, there is no miracle solution to the increase in cats.“What we tell people is that you have to sterilize the cats immediately. There are many associations that sterilize the animals. It should continue. And especially before the breeding season like in the spring. With two litters a year, you can it can quickly become exponential and we can be attacked by feral cats, especially when people feed them »said the vet.

An ongoing investment

Faced with the proliferation of wild cats, SPAs and associations are overwhelmed, as explained by Marjorie Muziot, assistant veterinarian at the Béart clinic. “I voluntarily took the 10 kittens I was taking care of at home. I have a large male cat who plays the role of nanny. I love animals and I can’t see myself sending such a small kitten to the SPA. But it is becoming urgent to stop the increase in stray cats. Usually, municipalities have to take care of stray cats. In Solesmes, we fought to have a convention. But in other municipalities, as is happening in my village, nothing is being done to stop it,” Marjorie Muziot testifies.

For the mayor of Solesmes, the presence of volunteers is an opportunity.“These volunteers are an important asset to us. It’s pretty amazing what they do for the cats. They build shelters in places that don’t interfere and give them food. It’s an ongoing investment. In the meantime, we will continue the sterilization campaign and the identification of stray cats. This is a medium-term solution, but it allows us to regulate the population. When the municipal police find a stray cat, they catch it, entrust it to the vet and release it,” explained Paul Sagniez. It should be noted that nationwide, there are almost 11 million stray cats in France according to the “One Voice” association report from 2018.

What does the law say?

Since 1eh January 2015, “stray” cats must be sterilized and identified then released to the areas where they were captured. The texts state that: » Unknown cats, without owners or owners, living in groups, in public places, in the territory of a municipality, can only be taken at the request of the Mayor of this municipality. These animals may only be brought to the pound until the identification and sterilization program established by law is implemented. ”

According to the foundation “30 million friends, “Neutering is the only effective way to control the cat population. It automatically stabilizes the cat population which continues to play its role as a filter against mice, rats, etc. »

This article can be found in the Observateur du Cambrésis published on November 3, 2022

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