Hunter’s bullet hits dad and baby in kitchen: “Could have been dramatic”

Paul and Mégane in the kitchen of their house, in Divatte-sur-Loire (near Nantes), where a tragedy almost happened on Sunday November 13. In the background, the window pierced by a hunter’s bullet. ©HSM

That was last Sunday. Good weather, big blue sky in Divatte-sur-Loire, about twenty km from Nantes (in Loire-Atlantique).

The family lives in a house surrounded by vineyards and small forests, in the village of Béraisière, in the village of Barbechat (delegated municipality of Divatte-sur-Loire).

Paul with his 11-month-old baby in the kitchen

At the kitchenPaul, the father, is having coffee with his 11-month-old baby in front of him, sitting in his baby seat. Mégane, the mother, was with her eldest daughter in the living room. Before leaving for work (she is a nurse at Nantes University Hospital), she took advantage of Kira celebrating her birthday this Sunday, November 13. She is 4 years old.

But this beautiful day to begin almost a tragedy. It was 11:30 in the morning when a bullet from a hunter penetrated the kitchen window, which was double-glazed. The ball, of a caliber of 12 mm X 70 mm used to hunt big game like wild boar, herding the father and the little boy.

“I believe in broken dishes”

Paul threw himself on the ground, “shouted” little Azel, tell parents five days after the fact. “Me, I believed in broken food, confides Mégane, 29 years old.

Paul thinks of “a child who threw a large stone”. “I had shards of glass on my back, I looked out the window and I saw this hole and broken glass all over the room,” he added.

Fascinating to the couple.

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We do not understand what is happening to us. We make sure everything is fine. We found the ball in the next room, in the laundry room. It is through looking through the blasted window that we see a group of hunters in the distance.

Megane and Paul
ball, hunter, hunting, Divatte sur Loire, Mégane, Paul
A hunter’s missing ball was found at Paul and Mégane’s house, Sunday, November 13. ©DR

Arrested, hunters “do not understand”

Mégane immediately left the house and went to them. He encountered “a group of five or six hunters” from the town of Barbechat, and invited them to his house. “They were surprised, did not understand how the ball went in this direction. They assured us that they did not shoot at our house”.

For the gendarmerie of Loroux-Bottereau, which was called after a while, “it is possible that bullet ricocheted“, reports Mégane and Paul. “Between impact and shot, there will be distance about 250m“.

“We’ve lived here for five years, and we’ve had no problems”

The couple filed a complaint the next day. “To record what happened”.

We cannot say to ourselves: “we’re safe and sound, we’ll fix the window and that’s it”. Not allowed. We don’t blame the hunter who opened fire. We have lived here for five years and have had no problems with them. Every Sunday, we hear them, we know they are there but we still avoid walking.

Megane and Paul
Mégane shows the impact of the hunter's bullet on the window.  The hole is covered with tape.
Mégane shows the impact of the hunter’s bullet on the window. The hole is covered with tape. ©HSM

The couple is on sick leave

Five days have passed since this morning. Waiting to go to the medico-judicial unit, Mégane and Paul were given sick leave by their doctor. They are like in post traumatic shock. Paul admits he was “freaked out” over the next two days. “At night, it’s fine, but we sleep with it and wake up to this incident”.

This can be dramatic. We should be safe at home, in our home, not in the end.

Megane and Paul

The riotous couple expresses their anger, “not against hunters but against the system and regulation of hunting”. “We were told that hunters cannot shoot within 300 m of houses but such a bullet has a range of more than 3 km? How is this possible? The government really needs to address this issue.”

Investigationfor its part, follows its course.

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