Kaido’s wife and Yamato’s mother!

Yamato’s mother is Gloriosa. As an old woman, she calls herself “Elder Nyon”. Gloriosa says she had to leave the island because of heartbreak and the only reason she survived was because she left.

Kaido is a pretty evil and evil character. His wife will not be anyone. And the reason why she falls in love with Kaido is not because of his personality. But what is the main established thing about Kaido? The main thing Oda stressed about Kaido was his STRENGTH. The strongest creature, the strongest pirate, the crew is drawn to him because of his super strength.

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Oda decided that the Amazon Lily, strength is synonymous with beauty. The stronger a person is, the more beautiful he is. That means, Kaido is considered a handsome man there.. Gloriosa is a former Amazon empress. Empresses like Hancock love simple things. Kaido defeats Gloriosa in a fight and falls in love with her because of her STRENGTH.

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And now let’s think about Yamato’s character. She is a strong woman like Boa, she loves to fight and cares more about fighting than being feminine like Nami. It’s basically the Amazons. He was exactly like them. Amazons are known to be strong women like Yamato. Kaido clearly wants a child. But that’s the problem, amazons can only have daughters. They cannot have men.

Kaido also has an indirect relationship with Rusukaina. His name is Kaido, from the Hundred Beasts crew. When Luffy went to this island, Rayleigh said that there were 500 animals stronger than him. Maybe Kaido got this name by defeating a hundred beasts on this island at a young age.

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The reveal of Rusukaina is in Chapter 597, an island where ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE, an island of wild beasts. The inverse of 597 is 795. This is Kaido’s opening chapter. This number is really significant: 500. This is what happens to the number of Smiles that the Law gives us. Kaido has an army of over 500 artificial Devil Fruit users. What if Kaido used the DNA of these 500 Rusukaina animals to create Smiles?

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The narrator says that the weak live and the strong die. Returning to this natural selection reinforced by Chapter 597:


And an important point used by Oda to suggest the connection between Yamato and Gloriosa is the Live card. It was Yamato who explained to Ace how Vivre Cards work. So the moment Ace’s card started burning, he probably knew there was a problem.

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But Kaido didn’t really teach Yamato much. He probably learned his attacks by copying him after being defeated many times. So how did Yamato find out this information about the life card? We strongly believe that he learned this information from his mother, Gloriosa. And that was the only memory he had of his mother. Think for a moment: who told Luffy how the Vivre Cards work and Ace is in danger? Yes, that’s Gloriosa.

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Kaido and Gloriosa are based on the story of the dragon of Enoshima and the water maiden Benzaiten. A dragon terrorizes a village and causes natural disasters and all sorts of things. He looks a lot like Kaido with natural disaster ability. Benzaiten tells the dragon to stop what he is doing and he falls for her. In some versions he rejects her and in others he doesn’t, but regardless, the characteristics of Benzaiten and Gloriosa are very similar.

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Benzaiten is derived from an Indian goddess and Gloriosas, the flowers from which Gloriosa takes its name, also grow in India! Gloriosa superba is even the national flower of Tamil Nadu. It is also said to be a flower associated with suicide. Which is Kaido’s favorite pastime. Maybe the reason why he always kills himself has something to do with him.

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It is also said that Benzaiten is always accompanied by a messenger, a white snake. This is actually the companion of the eldest Nyon. It’s funny how Yamato uses an attack called White Snake. An attack that was very different from all the other attacks he had used. And this attack is combined with Luffy’s Snakeman attack which seems to be inspired by KUJA and the snake princess.

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Benzaiten is said to be from an island where there are only women. Strong proof. He is said to be very intelligent and knowledgeable. Gloriosa tells Luffy about the nature of the Live card, she understands Luffy’s pure intentions while the other amazons don’t see the big picture. He knew of Luffy’s actions to bring down the Celestial Dragons.

And even just from a logical point of view. We know Yamato’s character is good but he’s not like Nami or Robin. He is a fighter, he loves to fight. And she probably didn’t feel like she was a woman. Because women are usually told to avoid violence and act feminine. This is why he calls himself Kaido’s son. Yamato is very similar to amazons. Very strong for a woman and very naive about the outside world. Wano and Amazon Lily are both isolated countries.


We can also see a parallel between Kaido and Gloriosa. When Kaido met Gloriosa, she was none other than the Empress. During the Wano arc, Kaido was an emperor and he was a nobody.

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