Oise: witness to the abuse of a dog, he is committed to the cause of the animal

At the end of October, Céline Knaff rescued a dog that had just been beaten to death in Goincourt, near Beauvais. Since then, she has volunteered at the SPA refuge in Essuiles.

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The scene narrated by Céline Knaff is chilling. On Saturday October 22, 2022, this Beauvaisienne will be in Goincourt with her daughter, to participate in the march against breast cancer, as part of Pink October. There, they met a couple walking their dog. It was when the two women left the car that this divine reality took on a whole new twist.

Céline Knaff says: “
We saw something in the middle of the road. It’s this dog, with a garbage bag on his head, closed with a serflex. He was also frowning and the choke collar was tightened. The dog is a sad state, but alive. ”
He was probably just beaten, beaten to death. He was particularly damaged at the level of the eyes and nose. He must have escaped his executioners to find himself there. We put it in the trunk and immediately went into action. We couldn’t place him in Beauvais so we went to Essuiles (in Essuilet and Oise SPA refuge, editor’s note). They immediately called a veterinarian who took care of him.. »

A complaint was filed

This one discovers that the dog can be recognized. Named London, this braque cross spaniel is over a year old. The vet found massive bleeding, a broken leg, jaw injuries, but the animal was saved. ”
Abuse has not dated since yesterday because she is thin
added Céline Knaff. Three days later, his testimony was supported by a complaint registered with the gendarmerie of the SPA of Essuilet and Oise. The investigation is ongoing.

A month later, London is gradually recovering from this ”
both physical and moral. ”
These dog breeds are often very close to people. He was suffering from being in the box and he became scared. But when we sit next to it for a while, it comes to snuggle up
Celine said.

L’Oisienne says she has ”
broken heart
» through this story, which led him to discover the backstage of an animal shelter: « jI have not been there yet. I was told how it works, the abandoned animals that arrive in large numbers and the difficulties for the association to accept them.

The difficulties confirmed by Robert Bonal, vice-president of the structure with six employees and twenty active volunteers. ”
The situation is very tense this summer but we still have many animalshe summed up. Feeding and caring for them is more expensive in the current economic context. It penalizes us financially a lot. We really need people’s donations and the support of the 220 town halls that signed up with us.. »

Now a member of the Essuiles refuge, Céline Knaff promotes the actions of the association on social networks. In particular, the kitty link set up on the Teaming micro-donation platform, which allows you to donate 1 euro per month to the SPA of Essuiles.


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