Sainte-Foy-la-Grande: sentenced for abusing their baby

It was a call to 119 that shed light on a situation of abuse about a girl of 14 months. The young parents were sentenced on Tuesday, the little girl was placed but parental authority was not taken away from them.

What would have happened if Martin hadn’t invited the young gamers who met on Discord to stay with him and Magali, his partner, in Sainte-Foy?

They, and especially Amandine who stayed there for a month, put an end to a situation of mistreatment of the couple’s child. A girl who will be two years old in a few days, described as being insulted, spanked by her mother, abandoned, sleeping exhausted, walking barefoot on hot asphalt, pulling her hair up the stairs until to nothing. touch the ground. Everything was under the gaze of his father who did not interfere.

Amandine dialed 119 on July 29 to denounce this situation. The Department’s alarming information collection cell was taken and made a fiscal report on August 1. The Gendarmes arrived the next day for a survey of the neighborhood and heard insults at the window: ” shut up ! “, the sound of a slap, the baby’s cry and then nothing.

The neighbor tells them his concern. They intervened and found a setting that matched what the couple’s hosts had described: a deplorable state of cleanliness, about thirty dirty diapers everywhere, a 16-month-old girl in an unbelievable state of dirt, a black eye, a bruise on the butt. The little girl was immediately placed.

Assume but minimize

This Tuesday in court, the young 22-year-old mother who is expecting her second child thought what she was accused of even though, like her partner, she found out that the witnesses raised, especially the fact that she brought her baby to life in through the hair. She explained that she was overwhelmed, tired of her current pregnancy, did not want the father to take over her and did not seek outside help.

He appears to be passive, engrossed in his video games, finding it difficult to leave his home. Their childhood is not ambiguous: he talks about a mother who constantly belittled and insulted him throughout his childhood, Martin was placed at 16 because there were alcohol problems in his family. They insisted, their respective lawyers, Maître Bouguier and Mau, carried out things for the three months that followed the placement of their daughter. A furnished room instead of a dirty crib, regular visits to the little girl in the Eysines nursery, psychological care (judicial review requested, Ed), consultation with a wise woman for the reception of the unborn baby and the hope of recovering their daughter whose placement was ordered until September 2023.

Among the alleged facts, there is also a lack of care: the little girl is examined by Cauva, the vaccinations are not up to date. Born with multicystic dysplasia, a kidney disease, he was not followed.

The lawyer of the association Vict’aid ad hoc administrator asks for an expertise and a reference to civil interests. Maître Clerget really emphasizes that the girl is still not talking and asks Magali about what would have happened if no one had intervened: “It will never pass because it was not my intention to kill my son” give a warning

And the lawyer continued, weighing every word: The situation is dramatic, we have the impression that they think he went to the summer camp, he was a child put in a nursery that all his life is stained with abuse and placement, deprived of care and deprived of love » he asserted: Justice must pass”.

Withdrawal of parental authority is required

The deputy prosecutor wondered at the hearing about the sincerity of the defendants’ words, acknowledging that the decision was not easy but required the removal of parental authority in addition to a year in prison with suspended probation including custody and work obligation.

He acknowledges his mistakes and fully accepts the behavior he has. pleading with Maître Bouguier for Magali“He does not know how to react, he is 20 years old, there is no educational model”.

He strongly opposes the removal of parental authority. A decision“irreversible” but where it is very difficult to return.

we will say [à la petite fille]your parents are now the state… you don’t have parents anymorenote the last graduate:“punishment must suppress but also educate”.

Both were found guilty. Magali for violence, Martin for failing to assist a minor in danger and both for abandonment of care. They were sentenced to one year of imprisonment accompanied by a probationary suspension of 2 years with temporary execution, with the obligation to work or undergo training, care (addictology and psychological), to complete at their own expense the parental responsibility course. The court stated that there is no reason for removing parental authority or removing the exercise of parental authority.

Vict’Aid in its capacity as legal representative of the minor is recognized as a civil party. The expertise requested by the Maître Clerget was ordered

* First names have been changed to preserve the anonymity of the minor victim.

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