Amazon is delirious this Sunday with its 7 CRAZY awards ⚡️

It’s the first week of Black Friday and Amazon is still going strong. Number one in e-commerce in France is followed by Cdiscount and Fnac, which are also very enterprising. We’ve listed the best deals available this Sunday.

We weren’t wrong: Amazon bet on the entire end of the year this Black Friday. The American merchant presents very impressive prices on premium references and unprecedented flexibility to make purchases with complete peace of mind. Cdiscount is also doing well and the Fnac Darty group is just behind. We’ve rounded up the top offers for the week.

In previous editions of Black Friday, Amazon operated very differently this year. At the time, Black Friday was held over a long weekend and was a series of flash sales lasting several hours. Now, the situation is very different as his operation is spread over a total of 10 days. In other words, from November 18 to 28, there are bargains to be had.

In addition, Amazon has also abandoned the concept of flash sales in France. The French are less enthusiastic than the Americans about this type of promotion. So he decided to go all out on the first day of surgery. So you have the definitive Black Friday offers until Monday, November 28. They won’t budge and Amazon is even committed to an unprecedented promise.

This promise guarantees you the best price from day one. This means that if you buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablet today for 799 euros, you are guaranteed to have the best price for all these 10 days. If Amazon lowers this price on November 28, it will refund you the difference. That said, of course it has no plans to change its price to reflect that promise.

Amazon’s strong argument

This flexibility with a guaranteed price is a strong commitment on the part of the leading e-merchant in France. He also wants to educate people about a new way of working where Black Friday offers are the same all season. This will encourage them not to wait until the last minute to prepare themselves and make their Christmas presents. You can also take advantage of it this Sunday because the best price is guaranteed to you in complete transparency.

There is only one risk in waiting over time, and it’s a shame because you won’t get a better price: the risk of being out of stock. Since Black Friday began, all e-merchants have experienced shortages. This is the case of the Amazon platform on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Cdiscount on LG OLED televisions, etc. So you have to hold yourself in order not to miss out on good deals.

If you’re wondering why Black Friday is so popular on Amazon, it’s for a few reasons. The approach to Christmas is one, but not the only one. The catalog of discounted products during this operation is more premium. We see it in tech brands like Apple that spark public enthusiasm. Outside of Black Friday, you won’t find them discounted.

According to the latest study by Fevad, two thirds of the French intend to shop on Black Friday. More than half of these people will focus on the internet and Amazon seems to be the winner of this evolution. It must be said that he exported the concept to France from his country of origin. He is the logical favorite in this operation.

Discover Amazon offers

He also has the advantage of having the most power among brands. In this part of the market, he can lower the prices further to offer the best discounts to his customers. Black Friday isn’t just for Prime customers like Prime Day. Anyone in France can take advantage of the site-wide offers unconditionally.

Black Friday takes place before Christmas

As we said, Black Friday is lucky to be just a few weeks before Christmas. So then the French started giving gifts. Still according to a study by Fevad, 43% of the French will take advantage of Black Friday to contribute to their gifts for the end of the year. And they were right because the prices were significantly lower at that time.

Amazon managed to find the right compromise between covered products and the discount. Granted, we won’t find 80% off Apple’s latest MacBook, but we’ll have enough significant discounts to enjoy it. On relatively less popular brands and there may be 80% discount. Note that traders are not allowed to sell at a loss outside of the winter and summer sales.

The last point we want to highlight for this Black Friday on Amazon is that the cyber-merchant gives you time to withdraw and return your purchases even after Christmas. Cdiscount also uses the same flexibility, avoiding the hassle of reselling Christmas gifts. Amazon and Cdiscount take them from you and give you the full amount back.

In the small compilation of offers we made above, there are discounts on all the big e-commerce sites. Some refer directly to brand sites, as is the case for Dyson or Samsung. Everyone participates in this great international trade celebration and Black Friday still has a bright future. At a time when inflation is on the rise, this is the perfect way to limit the cost of your Christmas gifts while making people happy.

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Discover Amazon offers

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