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Do you want to be the master of your cryptocurrencies again? Faced with the recent collapse of many centralized players, this is perfectly legitimate. In this sense, the “hardware wallets” offered by Ledger are the perfect solution. However, is it risky to buy your Ledger wallet through third-party resellers like Amazon? We answer you and guide you to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Pros and cons of buying a Ledger on Amazon

This year 2022 has proven to us how much security is paramount in cryptos. More than ever, it is strongly advised to store your cryptos outside of centralized exchange platforms. In fact, as the saying goes: “not your keys, not your coin”, in other words: “not your key, not your cryptos”.

So, it is better to use a “hardware wallet”, of Ledger type for example, to keep your crypto-currencies completely secure. To get a Ledger key, there is nothing simpler, just go to the manufacturer’s website.

however, many resellers like Amazon also offers the sale of Ledger keys. Is it really secure? How can I be sure that the Ledger key is not corrupted? In other words, what is the risk of buying a Ledger key on Amazon?

The French unicorn of crypto wallets πŸ”’

A complete crypto experience, from buying to securing

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Benefits of Buying Ledger on Amazon

To start, note that Amazon is a Ledger Certified Reseller. As the website confirms, “The Ledger devices sold in Amazon stores are genuine. They benefit from the same updates and features as the devices sold on our e-commerce site. Β»

Amazon Ledger

If you want to use Amazon, it is better to go through the official Ledger store link.

Amazon gives you several perks, including fast delivery thanks to Amazon Prime. This can be interesting in periods of high demand, when lead times are often extended at Ledger. Apart from that, the models available are similar, as is their price.

The dangers of going through Amazon

Although Amazon is an authorized reseller of Ledger, there is no guarantee that all products of the French brand available on the marketplace are certified.. In addition, many buyers mentioned in the comments problems in their key:

comment ledger

In fact, they explained that their Ledger key already had a PIN code or a recovery phrase, indicating that it had been used in the past. In other words, it can mean that their key is broken upon acceptance and therefore represents a risk.

Of course, you should not deposit your cryptocurrencies to a Ledger purchased second-hand or used. Moreover, overwriting the data and restarting the key will not be enough to erase all risks.

In conclusion, if you are looking to secure your cryptos, it would be a shame to do things by halves. At this point, select the manufacturer’s website to purchase your Ledger. This will reduce security risks. Here’s a button that redirects you directly to Ledger’s official products:

The French unicorn of crypto wallets πŸ”’

A complete crypto experience, from buying to securing

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How to choose your Ledger reseller?

However, if you want to go through a reseller, know that recently, physical French unicorn wallets are also available for purchase. at Fnac and Boulanger stores. After the agreement with Amazon, this is a new step forward for the democratization of cryptocurrencies in France.

To discover the official list of Ledger-approved resellers, go to the dedicated page on their website. Therefore, we discovered that Boulanger, Fnac, Darty Feel Mining and the cybercurrency counter are the only merchants authorized to sell new products from the Ledger range.

reseller ledger

Ledger Authorized Resellers

In other words, if you want to buy a Ledger key to secure your cryptos, you have a choice official brand website where resellers listed above.

The French unicorn of crypto wallets πŸ”’

A complete crypto experience, from buying to securing

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What to do when you receive your Ledger?

The security of your cryptos is important and holding a Ledger wallet is the best way to achieve this. however, There is no danger that does not exist and when your key is received, it will take check some important things proving that it is not corrupt.

First, make sure that the Ledger box is well wrapped in a blister. Then, when opening, check that recovery sheets are blank. This document is very important because it is where you will write the 24 words that will make up your recovery phrase.

You will be asked for this in case you lose your Ledger key. Write the words carefully and then put this paper in a safe place. Do not take a picture of it, do not send the word list by email and do not save it in a cloud, to limit the risks.

Then, when turning on your Ledger, make sure you see the “Welcome” message pop up. then, you will need to set a PIN. If not, that means the key has been used in the past. If in doubt, contact Ledger support.

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