Close to Nice. Jacqueline Rondard is a masseuse… for animals: “It’s their turn”

Canine massage can reduce stress, reduce pain or improve blood circulation in animals. (©MR/Actu Nice)

It’s a bit like Jacqueline whispering in the dog’s and cat’s ears. The one who calms them down, calms them down and listens to them. For eight years, she has been practicing reflexology, massage and canine rebalancing. In other words: she’s a massage therapist for animals. Because, yes, like their masters, they too can get a massage after a tiring hour…or just for fun.

This Thursday, October 17, 2022, Jacqueline Rondard offered free demonstrations at the veterinary office in Vieux-Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). The opportunity to introduce customers to this little-known parallel drug.

“I work physically, psychologically and energetically”

However, this practice has many virtues according to Jacqueline: “In the event of depression, the massage helps the animal to be balanced and in a better personality, with touches and acupressure. I do three axes : the physical, the psychological and the energetic”. Acupressure consists of applying pressure with your fingers to strategic points on the body.

After a career in the medical field, it was in 2014 that this sexagenarian decided to take the plunge by creating his own company, Sirius. He trained in Belgium at a professional canine massage center – in France, the training exists but is not recognized.

“At first, it was out of passion but now I completely throw myself into it because it’s my joy of living, it’s my life.”

Jacqueline Rondard Dog masseuse

Open their chakras

In order to relax our four-legged friends, he notably practices “reiki”, a technique that originated Japanese : « We have wheels in the body which are the chakras and it is enough that there is one blocked so that all the others are. By releasing these tensions, we are able to rebalance the animal’s body and this helps them heal themselves. »

“Reiki” can be done remotely, without the need for a massage. Jacqueline refers to herself as “a channel of energies”, which she then sends out. But this practitioner still wants to remember that he is not replacing the veterinarian.

Jacqueline massages Vanille, a four and a half female dog from Romania.  He went through traumatic times.
Jacqueline massages Vanille, a four and a half female dog from Romania who has gone through traumatic times. (©MR/Actu Nice)

“We’re curious”

“We should not mix everything, each part, she assures. There is no miracle, I accompany, I help the animal, but there is really collaboration with the veterinarian who will treat, operate, treat and that is not my job”.

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Especially since the animals he takes care of can suffer from serious pathologies, or sometimes not: “it can be a gift for the well-being of the dog, it’s his time”. Jacqueline also practices with cats but most of her patients remain dogs.

“There are agility dogs that do a lot of work, like rescue dogs or guide dogs. They are like athletes. They have a lot of muscle tension, they are very stressed, so they need to relax.

Jacqueline RondardDog masseuse

Like Vanille, a Romanian dog, who traumatized. He would benefit from a free demonstration: “We are interested to see what it can provide. This is the first time we have adopted a Romanian dog, who has suffered a lot in the past. Anything that can help, we take,” explained Jennifer, who was hired from an association last year.

“Sometimes I really need a massage!” »

It must be said that this practitioner knows how to adapt to each situation: “It’s a physical job because sometimes I’m on all fours because if he decides not to sit on the sofa, I put myself on the floor. Sometimes I really need a massage! »

For about 30 minutes session, prices start at 35 euros then may vary depending on the weight of the animal. But the practitioner warns: “I’m not here to sell massages”.

Seeing them get better is what makes Jacqueline wake up in the morning. “It is very rich. At first, others hide under the bed, then they have no hesitation because they understand that it is for their own good”.

Jacqueline Rondard travels between the border of Italy and Monaco. Beyond the principal, the cost of the service is established on an estimate by distance. Reservations at 06 62 13 41 50 or [email protected]

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