FACT OF THE DAY He creates a mist of red Camargue rice

FACT OF THE DAY He creates a mist of red Camargue rice

In an approach that respects the Earth and people, Julie Dubezy, a pharmacist by trade, has created a line of cosmetic products based on Camargue red rice.

Julie Dubezy was clearly impregnated by it “incredible energy” which he acquired in the heart of the Camargue, a territory that the former resident of Nîmes has always loved. From his love of the land and his training as an apothecary, he created his company Terrapoteca. After more than a year of research, the pharmacist was able to reveal the benefits of rice as a skin care product. Nutritious and nourishing thanks to its ability to develop powerful antioxidants as it is subject to water stress created by the Camargue’s wind, salt and drought. “Of the three rices produced in the Camargue, the red is the richest in anthocyanins and flavonoids, molecules with antioxidant properties”, said Julie. Its values ​​are the transmission and promotion of the territory’s heritage. Rice has been cultivated here in the Camargue for over 9,000 years. This strategy is expressed in the brand identity: “Territories of well-being”. Collaborations are also planned with artists and craftsmen to represent the Camargue in another artistic territory.

Rice, guardian angel of the Camargue

Each step in the production of rice water is carried out in accordance with short circuit and fair compensation. Give back to the earth what it gave us: “This is the rice that made me think about the impact of our actions on the territory, and made me want to preserve this heritage that is the rice fields of the Camargue.” The delta has been developed in recent decades for agricultural use.

Julie Dubezy creates a mist of red rice with rice from Camargue producer Mathieu Lacan (Photo Yannick Pons)

Farmers manage the hydraulics for rice growth using a system of pumps using water from the Rhône diverted into canals. “Cultivating rice makes it possible to combat the salinity of the soil. Unfortunately, there are only 10,000 hectares left now devoted to rice in the Camargue delta, a historically low number, twice less than in 2010. Rice cultivation helps to fight soil salinity », confides Nicolas Bonton, head of the territorial water and biodiversity development department of the Gard Camargue.

Cropping in rotations

Mathieu Lacan, an organic farmer in Aigues-Mortes, is his choice for rice. In the old fashioned way, it alternates rice and wheat crops on more than 200 hectares. His cattle graze on alfalfa or clover planted in the grain rotation, and fertilize the soil. “We maintain a piece of water in the rice plots. Through the Bougidou canal, fresh water comes from the Petit-Rhône which is located a little higher. So it is enough to open a hammer box and the irrigation system is directing water to the plots”, assured Mathieu Lacan. A biological and divine approach consistent with the beliefs of the entrepreneur.

Camargue rice water mist (Photo by Julie Dubezy)

Hydrating mist

The first skincare product Julie sold was a “Camargue rice water mist”. It is a slightly red moisturizing mist with antioxidant and soothing active ingredients, which prevent skin aging. Based on patented red rice water, obtained by maceration of raw material in a special factory near Clermont-Ferrand, which preserves the active ingredients of rice. It is an active water patented on the concept of obtaining gentle maceration in reverse osmosis water. Fragrance will not be gendered. Julie Dubezy called upon a local artisan perfumer, Arthur Dupuy. A campaign ulule is underway. Its products will be sold through an e-commerce site www.terrepoteca.com, and concept stores from December 7. The mist should pave the way for other wonders such as Camargue red rice bran oil , a serum, and a cream in 2023.


Terrapoteca 71B route du Moulin d’Orles 66000 Perpignan Julie Dubezy: 06 78 88 02 33 j. dubezy@terrapoteca.fr

Yannick Pons

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