Growing hi-tech shrimp farming models

The trend towards hi-tech shrimp farming has become irreversible as the market is more demanding and the performance of this high-tech farming model is better. The province of Bà Ria – Vung Tàu (South) therefore sees an increase in shrimp farming areas a year.

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High technology popularized

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Bà Ria – Vung Tàu Province, there are currently 19 commercial aquaculture establishments, most of which farm shrimp and produce high-quality aquatic breeds, including shrimp species in more -about 410 hectares, an increase of 11.5 ha compared to last year.

Thus, the breeding and production region for high-tech aquatic breeds (mainly shrimp) now represents about 10% of the total aquaculture area of ​​Bà Ria – Vung Tàu (5,913ha).

Technologies applied in high-tech shrimp farming in Bà Ria – Vung Tau consist of developing organic shrimp farming technology, working with water circulation, using innovative cleaning systems and using breeding control and management techniques from Israel.

Bà Ria – Vung Tàu province favors the development of hi-tech shrimp farming.
Photo: CTV/CVN

Companies involved in the development and application of high quality shrimp farming in Bà Ria – Vung Tàu are subsidiaries of CP Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Minh Phu, Phuoc Hai Seafood, Manh Cuong, Quyêt Agricultural Cooperative Thang, Liên Giang Farm , Thai Hà Farm , SARL Ngoc Tung, among others.

The development of shrimp farming models requires aquaculture production planning in many localities of Bà Ria – Vung Tau province.

Some recognized hi-tech breeding regions

In this sense, Xuyên Môc district established a shrimp farming area in an area of ​​17 ha in Phuoc Thuân commune. In Phuoc Hai City, Dat Do District, a shrimp production area with an area of ​​54 ha was established. In the commune of Lôc An, an excellent farming area for black tiger shrimp and whiteleg shrimp extends to about 380ha. This area was recognized as a “high-tech breeding area” by the Provincial People’s Committee in 2019.

In particular, the Quyêt Thang cooperative is one of the pioneers in this type of breeding in Bà Ria – Vung Tàu. He decided to learn about modern farming methods and approached the model of super-intensive shrimp farming with a closed water filtration system in the greenhouse (RAS). This water filtration model has been applied to shrimp farming in many countries and has proven to be very effective in terms of environmental control.

In 2019, the Quyêt Thang agricultural cooperative decided to invest 5 billion VND to invest in a closed circulation system in a facility that uses agricultural tanks (circular floating tanks with canvas-lined iron frames) that replace ponds that use of an area of ​​2,000 m2.

Shrimp harvesting in Long Diên district, Bà Ria – Vung Tàu province.
Photo: CTV/CVN

Thanks to this system, the water is fed into the basins, treated chemically, through slow settling nets to remove suspended organic matter and heavy metals, then completely disinfected before being sent to basins.

The discharged wastewater is then taken to the settling pond and filtration pond for treatment. After reaching environmental safety indicators for shrimp farming, water is returned to the ponds for reuse.

Due to the strictly controlled water source, the stable temperature, the loss rate of the shrimp and the risk of disease are reduced, which helps to increase the production compared to the old farming method.

Currently, the Quyêt Thang agricultural cooperative raises high-tech shrimp in an area of ​​2ha. By using high technology, the cooperative increased the number of harvests in the year from 1 to 3 tons/ha/harvest. Average shrimp production is 50 to 60 tons/harvest.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Chuyên, director of the cooperative, said that raising shrimp through this process reduces risk, while improving productivity, and it allows to obtain higher quality shrimp because the use of antibiotics has decreased significantly.

Text: Truong Giang/CVN

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