Who is Paul Pogba’s mother? What is his influence on the case?

Paul Pogba’s mother decided to break the silence and give her feelings about the romance that is rocking the Pogba clan. Photo by Yeo Moriba.

Its name may not mean much to you at first glance. However, Yeo Moriba has become a figure in French football in recent years. And for good reason, one of his three children is none other than French international Paul Pogba. Instead of being careful with the media in normal times, Yeo Moriba is speaking this Sunday, November 20, 2022 on TF1. Guest of Audrey Crespo-Mara on “The Portrait of the week”, released, Wednesday, November 16, her autobiography titled And in the end we will winwritten with the journalist Clémence de Blasi, speaks on this occasion for the first time on the Pogba affair.

A case of “breaking her heart”. An investigation was opened on August 3, 2022 by the Paris prosecutor’s office. The charges? “Extortion in an organized gang, attempted extortion in an organized gang and participation in a criminal association with the intent to commit a crime, related to various facts including [Paul] Pogba would have been a victim between March and July 2022”. Yeo Moriba saw one of his other sons, Mathias Pogba, charged on September 17 and remanded in custody in connection with this famous case.

In his book, the mother of Mathias and Paul Pogba finally returns, not without difficulty, to the terrible event that shook her clan recently. “I was told to add, at first I didn’t want to, it was difficult. And the book is finished. But this episode happened… It was very difficult to talk about”, confides she, without taboo , as reported by franceinfo.

In AFP, where he recently gave an interview and where TF1 Info echoes, the one who initially sided with his youngest son, Paul Pogba, Foot01 recalled, finally also defended his firstborn Mathias, victim, according to him, of “a trap. “. “He was manipulated, robbed by people close to us,” he said, before adding: “We felt betrayed.” To provoke the perpetrators, according to him, Yeo Moriba did not hesitate to talk about “big, big sharks”, motivated by “intense jealousy”.

In her book, as reported on her side by franceinfo, the mother of Paul and Mathias Pogba declared that she wanted to give justice to her “two sons” now. And to add: “The Pogba clan has always been there. […] It’ll always work out, it’s family, they’re foster brothers, they’ll always hold hands.”

A Pogba affair in which the mother of the two footballers seems to be involved as well, although we don’t know at this stage the exact level of her involvement. In fact, according to RMC Sport, Yeo Moriba would have been heard as a witness by the investigators, after the opening of the preliminary investigation in early August. France international Paul Pogba is also said to have been pressured by his mother. A hypothesis for the time confirmed by the leaks from the hearings of Mathias and Paul Pogba.

However, its exact role remains to be clarified. In the columns of Figaro, the president of Tours FC, Jean-Marc Ettori, was invited to speak on the Pogba affair at the end of August – an interaction that did not even surprise him, by the way – did not show himself too soft on his consideration. , which describes Yeo Moriba as “the leader of the gang, the one who drives everything, the one who says yes, the one who says no”. Comments that will be taken in some retrospect, however, Jean-Marc Ettori prompted in this same interview his misadventure with the Pogba clan at the time of Mathias’ transfer to Tours. “We were told to take Mathias and Paul would pay his salary, his expenses […]. We didn’t have any money,” he explained.

Now, 52, Yeo Moriba retraces his incredible journey in his autobiography: from his native Guinea to France and the appointment of his youngest son, Paul Pogba, winner of the Blues of the 2018 World Cup. , born in 1990 in Conakry in Guinea, and Paul Pogba, born in 1993 in Lagny-sur-Marne, in Seine-et-Marne, were able to overcome.

Came to France at the age of 19 to marry Fassou Antoine Pogba, a Christian electronics teacher in his fifties at the time, reports Yeo Moriba, who is Muslim. The world, quickly found himself alone at the head of a single-parent family. Paul Pogba’s parents separated when he was young.

In her book, Yeo Moriba, who also adopted two of her nieces, as explained by franceinfo, wants to “send a message: we women have to fight, don’t be discouraged because you don’t have a husband anymore” . She looks back at the many odd jobs she’s held, from cashier to chambermaid, not hesitating to walk for hours to get to her workplace on weekends, if there’s no bus. “I have to work to take care of my children, I have no other solution,” he explained.

As franceinfo once again points out, Yeo Moriba downplays the years of poverty, instead offering a “positive” story. “You shouldn’t be alarmed, you have to be brave. If you lose the courage, you can’t do anything,” teaches Paul Pogba’s mother. Racism also has a very small place in his story. “You have to accept it, we felt a little racism, for some jobs, we saw that we preferred French natives to immigrants”, explained one who believes that his children do not have it . , did not suffer much.

Yeo Moriba finally did not fail to return to the love shared within the family for the round ball. While his three sons made careers in football, the fifty-year-old also had his time of glory on the football pitch. Yeo Moriba was actually the captain of a women’s team in Guinea, in her youth. As indicated by Fayard editions, which published his autobiography today, Yeo Moriba “was spotted, at the beginning of the 1980s, by one of his teachers” and “quickly” became “captain of one of the Guinea’s first women’s team” . A “golden period” that unfortunately ended quickly, with the advent of political turmoil in the country.

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