▷ The Google Business Profile account: Important!

The arrival of digital revolution offered new digital opportunities to companies and gave new importance to Digital Marketing. E-reputation is more and more decisive for the popularity of a company or a franchise network and will have a direct impact on attendance at offline and online points of sale…

To position itself well on the web, a company must deploy effective natural referring strategies. Creating websites, installing an online store or even redesigning the editorial line in social networks are all relevant elements for a Web marketing successful.

However, if there are many digital levers available, one of them becomes important. Formerly called Google My Business, the Business listing on Google Business Profile is now an integral part of any digital marketing strategy worth its salt.

What is a Google Business Profile?

During or at Local SEO plays an increasingly important role for a company’s web presence, brands compete for ways to appear on the first page of Google search engine results, by far the most used. Creating websites, social network pages, optimizing content… However, the most effective tool for boosting your e-reputation is the Google Business Profile index card without context.

example of a google business profile

The former Google My Business is a free tool that gives a company or a network of franchises the possibility of having an online professional file for each of its points of sale. The creation of a google profile enables a brand to better position itself in the Google search engine. It’s also a way to benefit from some additional services offered by Google, and is directly linked to the business listing, starting with the tool Google map.

Thanks to Google Business Profile, an Internet user can now get all the important information in one click to bring him to your point of sale, whether physical (following the logic of web-to-store) or digital. A Google My Business listing provides access to many elements that can help convert a potential prospect into a customer, starting with:

  • A postal address and an email address for your point of sale;
  • A telephone number to easily contact you;
  • The opening hours of your physical store;
  • The field of activity of your company, and the products and services it offers;
  • Pictures and images of your company, its products or its teams, able to capture the attention of Internet users (Google statistics show that business listings with a strong visual identity are more likely to generate the interest of potential customers).

It is important to remember to keep your GBP file up to date. Misinformation will quickly lead to a Google algorithm downgrade. So always remember to edit your Google account if you move, or if you change your opening hours.

It is also possible to link your business listing to your own websites. Create a website for the occasion can be very useful to you if this is not already the case, to further present your products and services to an audience that has already been interested to follow the link to your GBP listing.

Why is Google Business Profile important?

To generate traffic, you need to find potential customers where they are. But with millions of daily users, search engine the internet is now the primary means of connecting internet users with nearby businesses, products and services – and Google is number one. L’algorithm Local reference is an important factor for companies wishing to strengthen their e-reputation.

This is more true in the case of geolocated searches, which will often be required for a store visit. We are talking about ROPE (Research Online Purchase Offline) or web-to-store to assign this research and purchase process. To benefit from this, it is therefore important to be very present online.

This is why it is so important for a company to create its Google Business Profile, above all to improve local SEO and its positioning in the local pack. By consulting a Google My Business listing, the visitor will have easy access to:

  • On behalf of the company;
  • With its average rating and the number of customer reviews;
  • In his field of activity;
  • To his e-mail and postal address;
  • On his phone number;
  • During its opening hours;
  • A link to the website (if available);
  • A button to create a route on Google Maps.

Therefore, GBP is a good way to attract customers close to your business, and it has limited effort and investment by playing in local SEO, which is less competitive than “Classic” SEO (or small businesses struggle to stand out in the face of competition from big brands and sites ecommerce online sales).

The ability of the Google Business Profile page to enhance the popularity of a company or franchise makes this digital tool a valuable asset for a company. This is the same way to generate traffic catchment area of your selling points, and also a lever that makes it possible to emphasize your site on the Internet, because it will attract to him Net surfers who are interested in your products or services.

Your Google SEO listing is therefore not only a local SEO tool, but also a lever to highlight your other content, thus serving as a showcase to cultivate your brand image and improve the customer communication.

Simple and free, Google Business Profile is therefore the perfect solution to improve your local reference and thus generate more traffic at the point of sale. While this is only one element of your digital strategy, it’s possibly the most important. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to create your Google Business account. Following the step-by-step guide should not cause you any major difficulties.

However, you can call a specialized web agency if you want to further optimize your Google Business Profile, and improve your overall digital strategy.

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