Affiliate market 2022, state of the game

Affiliation, a marketing process that targets performance

Affiliate (or affiliate marketing) is a process where an “affiliate” earns a commission by marketing the products and services of a third-party company. An affiliate recommends a product or service by sharing it on a platform (blog, website, social network, podcast, video…) and distributes an affiliate link to its traffic. Every time a user clicks on this unique link and buys a product/service, the affiliate will receive a commission. It is therefore a performance-based marketing strategy. The advantages of this affiliate marketing are many for each of the parties. The brand will increase its visibility, its sales, its site traffic or its advertising campaign, the number of leads collected, etc… while the affiliate receives compensation. A “win-win” system.

E-commerce and affiliate, intrinsically linked

While the health crisis has obviously affected all business sectors, it has also created opportunities. So affiliate is one of the few “positively” affected sectors, especially due to the rise of e-commerce. More and more consumers are favoring online purchases to alleviate the context of the health crisis (consecutive imprisonment, limited physical contact, etc.). But more than a short-term trend, e-commerce is now part of a new consumption paradigm. So, according to the figures announced by La Tribune, French e-commerce, weighing more than 112 billion euros in 2020, is expected to double in volume by 2026. It should be noted that this significant growth naturally coincides with the increase of income from affiliate, which logically keeps growing. Confluent Digital supports affiliates at every stage to enable them to effectively achieve their goals, especially the monetization of their traffic sources and the increase of their income.

The membership market: relentless unity

While the affiliate market grew by 9% in 2021, it is not linear. It must be remembered that the threats of sanitary measures have reached professionals while a curfew is still active in the first half of the year. Similarly, the consent cookie banners placed at the end of June on merchant sites caused serious concern among professionals. However, it is precisely at this moment that the activity sector shines, proving an exemplary unity between all the players in the value chain to face the new challenges and obstacles imposed by the market. It is in this context that the CPA (Collective of Digital Performance Marketing Actors) has taken on the role of spokesman in the institutions (CNIL, Action with the Council of State). Sales were maintained thanks to the flexibility and stability of e-tailers, who implemented new conditions for delivery, return and exchange of products. Overall, the results are good. The e-commerce sector grew by 32% compared to 2019, accounting for more than 13% of retail trade in 2021.

Affiliate marketing, an important lever for advertisers

The 2022 edition of the Affiliation Barometer shows that this channel now represents more than 5% of digital advertising in France. We also found that advertisers’ turnover increased in 2021 (+30% compared to 2020), despite the reopening of physical points of sale. Similarly, the number of commercial sites increased by 12% a year, reaching almost 177,000 e-commerce sites in France in 2021 (+12% compared to 2020). Another key trend to highlight: the rise of purchases via mobile. In 2021, they represent almost 22% of merchant sites’ turnover. Similar to the affiliate segment, which recorded 35% growth compared to 2021, with an increase in mobile purchases (+ 26%). Thus, affiliate asserts itself today as an important lever for advertisers (merchant sites and brand sites), especially due to its continuous professionalization and the dynamism of the market it covers.

Confluent Digital, your digital strategy partner

If the health crisis has any good, it is the lifting of the veil on the constantly changing habits of consumers, who no longer hesitate to turn to digital. Affiliate market players are gradually becoming influencers among consumers, while digital media today serve as buying guides and influencers with audiences looking for relevant information on products/services before entering into a transaction. Only by using valuable, so-called “trusted” media can brands take full advantage of this leverage and the power of natural referencing. However, it is necessary for this to have certain knowledge and expertise in the world of web marketing. It is precisely at this level that Confluent Digital is positioned, having set itself the task of being the main partner in the digital strategy of its clients. A 360° agency, Confluent Digital is a major player in web marketing based in Lyon, active both in the French and international markets. The agency is particularly skilled in activating digital levers for both inbound and outbound marketing. He supports a large number of advertisers from different sectors in the implementation of their webmarketing strategies: fashion and accessories, travel and tourism, retail, automotive, sports and leisure, beauty and health, pure players, finance and insurance, telecom , home / DIY / decoration and garden, services and much more… Listening to the needs of its customers, Confluent Digital is able to implement personalized web marketing strategies, even in terms of traffic, popularity, collection of contacts, sales or loyalty.

Why choose Confluent Digital?

Confluent Digital points out the lack of 360 (cross-channel) support offered to companies to meet their web marketing needs. The offensive nature of the service offers available contrasts with a far from satisfactory level of quality of said services, even in terms of support or follow-up. It is clear that most available services lack a transversal vision of digital, forcing them to offer digital tools that are too specific to apply real ROI conversion. At this level Confluent Digital stands out, thanks to the support throughout their webmarketing journey that takes into account the specific needs of customers through optimal and tailored solutions. Specializing in the field of affiliation, lead collection, and performance levers, Confluent Digital stands out from other digital agencies with several key advantages, starting with its powerful tools: databases and internal traffic (email and SMS), proprietary collection media, Data Management Platform , Marketplace… Confluent Digital is therefore able to adapt the strategy to be implemented for each client, regardless of sector/history/size: web strategy analysis and consulting, selection of digital lever, monitoring, analysis and optimization of KPIs (key performance indicators). Thanks to a transversal experience in web marketing, Confluent Digital is able to provide solutions that truly meet the goals of its customers. Want to know more? Feel free to contact Confluent Digital by calling +33 (0)4 37 29 25 40, by going to the contact form on their website or by sending an email to: [email protected].