Airpods 3 price drops! Top offers

BLACK FRIDAY AIRPODS. Black Friday Week continues and it’s time to get some great deals if you’re looking for AirPods. Apple’s tiny wireless headphones are on sale, whether it’s the AirPods 2, Pro or even the recently released 3. Here are the best Black Friday deals on AirPods!

[Mis à jour le 21 novembre 2022 à 06h41] If Apple almost does not participate in Black Friday officially, just go to the pages of the e-commerce giants to find great offers on iPhones, Macbooks, but also on the famous little AirPods, the wireless Bluetooth Apple’s headphones have invaded the sound market for several years. This year 2022 is a good year because the recent release of AirPods 3 led to the de facto significant reduction of previous generations: AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro version 2021. Promos, discounts, packs and flash sales at all costs has been linked since the launch of Black Friday Week.

The editorial staff has selected some interesting offers for you on recent AirPods, starting with a good deal from Rakuten on AirPods 3 2021 offered at 185 euros instead of 199 euros. This is the model with the MagSafe charging case. Also note the flash sale on Rakuten about the 2nd generation Airpods Pro released in 2021 and offered at -13% compared to regular prices. A good discount for headphones that are still new and offer great sound quality. You have to hurry to enjoy it!

Best products

What deals will be on the AirPods 1 and 2 on Black Friday?

The arrival of AirPods 3 has clearly reduced the prices of the previous versions, the 1 and 2 presented at a reduced price. Here is what online sales sites have to offer. These can be a great gift as they have become quite common in terms of headphones. Good news, there are great promotions at the beginning of Black Friday 2022.

The 3rd generation of AirPods was offered for the last Black Friday for less than 200 euros, a huge discount on the initial price. Prices have gone up a bit since then, but it’s not impossible that new promotions will appear in the next few days. Here’s what you can still find today:

AirPods Max are also part of the headphones offered at prohibitive prices during the last great period of Black Friday. Although they were very expensive when they were launched, they have proven to be just as good today while benefiting from some promotions at the start of Black Friday Week.

AirPods Pro are Apple’s most premium headphone products. They incorporate an active noise reduction mechanism, a “transparency” mode, unique to AirPods. We also see in these wireless headphones a spatial audio mode with dynamic tracking of head movements. AirPods Pro promotions have appeared, here is an option to judge the price differences in the main merchants.

As a reminder, Black Friday has never been a major date for Apple, which generally participates only timidly in the operation. On the other hand, it is a main meeting point for retailers such as Amazon, Fnac, CDiscount, Boulanger and Darty. Please note that the prices stated on this page are for information only and are subject to change.

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