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Leïla Kaddour brought many viewers to tears on France 2’s JT, this November 20. But who exactly is the journalist who quickly made a place for herself in the daily life of the French? His journey, his origins, his wife, his family life, his relationship with Nagui… and everything you (probably) don’t know.

Leila Kaddourwho moved viewers of JT de France 2 on November 20 by announcing the death of a loved one, managed to become a emblematic figure of the PAF and a famous French journalist for almost a decade. A former literature professor, the now 42-year-old girl has a full CV and is Nagui’s little protégé. But who really is Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi and what do you know about her?

What are the origins of Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi?

Leïla Kaddour-Boudadi is the daughter of a cement worker father and one stay-at-home momchildren of Harkis. Both settled in France in 1962, when the independence of Algeria. In La Couronne, in Charente, he grew up.

What job did Leïla Kaddour do before becoming a journalist?

After obtaining her baccalaureate, Leïla Kaddour left to follow Poitiers classic studies. Then, he put on his CAPES and became high school literature teacher. He also teaches middle school Latin and is lecturer at the University of Poitiers. “I was always a very happy student, so it’s so fun to be a teacher in my turn, enlightens the thirty-something. There is something in the order of indebtedness: when we had the opportunity like me to live a fulfilling and happy study, I felt like I had to give back to others what I benefited from.“, he confessed to Press Center. It is through presentation journalism internships in his free time it was during the school holidays that Leïla Kaddour decided to train again and take a professional opportunity.

Who is Leïla Kaddour with?

The journalist is in a relationship with the singer-songwriter and member of the group Radio Elvis, Pierre Guenard. The lovebirds have been together since 2018 and gave birth a girlwhich is his first name, in 2020.”Sometimes I wonder if he is really responsible for having a child now. Then, I look at my baby and I say to myself that I am a varnish woman: in the middle of all these difficulties, there is life! And life goes on“, he confessed to TV 7 Daysin November 2021.

Why did Leïla Kaddour cry at the news on November 20?

Leïla Kaddour moved the audience of JT de France 2, this November 20. The journalist must announce the death of Philippe Josephusformer antenna director of TF1, then France 2 and France 3.A great professional who helped launch many shows like ‘Taratata’, ‘Froufrou’. The President, Delphine Ernotte Cunci paid tribute this afternoon to ‘a master of public television’. He was 68 years old and we are thinking of his family, children and loved ones.” she said while trying (without much success) to hold back tears. A sequence that angered the audience.

Who is Nagui to Leïla Kaddour?

Contrary to what some rumors believe, Leïla Kaddour and Nagui no family ties. They are just colleagues and friends. “It all started in July 2014 at a concert by Damon Albarn, the English singer of the bands Blur and Gorillaz.“, said the author René Chiche in his book Nagui, son of TV.

On this particular night, the host and the young reporter got along well. Friday we’re doing a pilot, I hope you’ll be there”, Nagui was only sent by message to Leïla Kaddour. While then working at Arte, he gave up this post and agreed to join the host at France Inter, in the show The original band. “Nagui is my very beautiful meeting. He has warm Mediterranean blood, like me. We understand each other. We speak frankly. Today, we are inexorably united, like an old married couple“, he confessed to Compatible with Paris.

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