Farmer in Bessin, Andréa aims for the scarf of Miss France Agricole 2023

Agricultural employee on a farm in Ryes (Calvados), Andréa Catherine, who comes from Longues-sur-Mer, is running for the Miss France Agricultural 2023 Facebook contest. ©Frédéric Bourgeois

After posing as January’s muse for the sexy Belles des Prés 2022 calendar, Andrea Catherine24 years old, farmer in Ryes (Calvados)facing a new challenge.

To return the scarf of Miss France Agricultural 2023. A facebook contest intended to highlight the women and men who practice agriculture in France.

Show that the girls are there

“I know women who have participated in this competition. I didn’t dare to participate then. I do this out of passion for my work that I want to share, but also with a feminist approach. More and more women are farmers, but there is still a lot of prejudice that they are as capable as male farmers”.

The farmer’s daughter lived Longues-sur-Mer, near Bayeux (Calvados), Andréa Catherine grew up with her four brothers and sisters on an 80-hectare farm where polyculture and animal husbandry shaped family life. If he plans to live with its leader in the future, he has been an agricultural employee on a farm in Ryes for two years.

I wanted to be a farmer from a young age. I was born here. I like animals, tractors and being in nature.

Andréa Catherine, farmer in Bessin

busy day

Agricultural employee on a farm in Ryes (Calvados), Andréa Catherine, who comes from Longues-sur-Mer, is running for the Facebook contest Miss France Agricole 2023.
Andréa Catherine, who comes from Longues-sur-Mer, is an agricultural employee in Ryes. Later, he hopes to take over the family business. ©Frédéric Bourgeois

“The alarm clock goes off at 5 am We take care of the animals, we milk the cows. Then during the day, we are in the field. And at night, again: 5 pm the cows… The days end around 8 pm and I have no problem falling asleep! »

A community of nearly 40,000 subscribers

Through the photos she posts on her Instagram account, Andréa Catherine shows her daily life on the farm.  Added charm and elegance.  It did not survive Johann Baxt, creator of the calendar
Johann Baxt, creator of the sexy and supportive calendar “Belles des Prés” asked Andréa Catherine to include the month of January 2022. ©Frédéric Bourgeois

The modern farmer, Andréa Catherine has social media culture. Despite pictures and videos that she posts on her Instagram and TikTok account, Andréa Catherine shows her daily life on the farm. Added charm and elegance.

“I started in 2017 on Instagram to explain my work. Since then it has really grown! Especially with pictures of animals. Especially the little calves when I show the calvings. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Andréa Catherine’s success in networks drives professional equipment and equipment brands to ship her products. The young woman, who has become an influencer, tests them in her daily life and informs her Internet users of the result and gives them the benefit of promo codes.

11,500 people follow him on Instagram. 28,400 on TikTok. A community where Andréa Catherine hopes to like the Facebook post of Miss France Agricultural contest. Ballots are now open until December 15, 2022. A preliminary selection will be made among the 20 candidates who have received the most votes in their category. The jury will give its verdict 48 hours later, on December 17, 2022. 400 competitors are running in 2022.

The Agricultural Show in the viewfinder

The four winners of the categories Mister and Miss France Agricole and Mister and Miss France Agricole juniors 15 to 17 years old elected by the competition jury will receive scarves during the Center of agriculturewhich will take place from February 25 to March 5, 2023 in Paris.

“This year, it is the 10th edition of the competition”, announced AlexiaMiss France Agricultural 2014, and MiddleMiss France Agricole 2015, which took over the organization since 2016.

The two ex-misses themselves will hand out 2023 scarves together with the partners of Mister and Miss France Agricoles. “The competition exists to promote the world of agriculture, to have a good time, and to allow the winners to go to the Agricultural Show with us, to meet other farmers, the general public and the media”.

Will Andréa Catherine replace Marianna Briançon (Hautes-Alpes), who was elected Miss France Agricole 2022?

To vote (until December 15, 2022), just go to the Miss and Mister France Agricultural 2023 Election Facebook page, click “like” on Andréa Catherine’s post. The picture that gets the most votes will pass the first selection. The jury will decide on December 17, 2022.

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