Here are the top 10 ideas for creating a super modern and elegant children’s space

If you are expecting the birth of your baby you probably already have a long list of things to do. And one of those things is probably the layout of your child’s future room. But what are the baby room decor trends for 2022? It doesn’t matter if you’re expecting a girl or a boy or you just want neutral decor, these 10 super cute and modern ideas are sure to inspire you!

Baby room decor trend 2022: Which colors to choose?

Also one of the biggest trends this year is the 2022 baby room decor trend of using colors that are rich, soothing and truly upbeat. We’re using color to bring the nursery design to life and we’re seeing a lot of earthy and jewel tones. All these shades create a happy feeling in the space. And there’s really no reason to opt for a monochromatic crib or wardrobe when you can choose a bold color scheme like green, brown, pale pink, or blue…

Baby room decor trend 2022: Rattan furniture

baby room decor trends 2022 rattan furniture

Since 2021, rattan furniture has become very fashionable. However, in 2022 rattan furniture is a huge baby room decoration trend that parents love. And although these pieces of furniture were a real pillar of decoration in the 70s, today they really don’t have the same design. And whether you choose large rattan furniture or opt for small accessories and accents, this trend will add warmth and texture to a modern baby space.

Baby room decor trend 2022: Neutral spaces

baby room decor trend 2022 neutral

Fortunately, we switched to pink for girls and blue for boys quite a while ago. Modern baby rooms use different colors, wood colors and really a lot of textures to create a good environment for little ones, regardless of gender. The neutral 2022 baby room decor trend creates a super versatile look that can also be used as transitional decor when baby grows.

Rainbow patterns

baby room decor trend 2022 rainbow

Rainbow patterns are everywhere in modern baby rooms. If you love beautiful multi-colored patterns, the good news is that decor stores have lots of decorations and patterns inspired by this theme. For example, you can opt for a rug in rainbow colors to start with or even paint an accent wall to catch the baby’s eye when he is in his room.

Baby room full of stars

star themed baby room decor

Who doesn’t love an ornament full of stars? In 2022, as in the past years, we really see a lot of baby rooms decorated with many accessories inspired by the theme of the stars. Whether you choose wallpaper, rugs or bedding, look to create a celestial backdrop in your baby’s space.

Japanese style baby room

Japanese style children's room decor

Japandi’s decorating style is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. It is a minimalist and elegant decoration that focuses on natural materials and craftsmanship. Quality is more important than quantity and whether it’s furniture, toys or decorative elements, we choose things that will last for years.

Natural materials

convertible baby bed wood furniture

The 2022 baby room decor trend is to incorporate more and more natural materials into the design of the space. These materials include wood, ceramic and stone. Since the start of the pandemic, we have turned to nature to find comfort and calm. And this continues to be seen in our interiors including the baby room.

The animal theme

decorating ideas kids room design 2022

All children love animals and in 2022 it will be more sought after in baby room decoration. Safari, jungle, lion, elephant and giraffe: these are the most popular themes among children. Fortunately, you can easily find wall art, bedding, animals or accessories inspired by these themes to create a cohesive decor.

Convertible crib

wooden kids bedroom furniture ideas

Convertible baby beds allow you to create a children’s space where your baby can grow without changing beds for several years. There are bed models that transform from a bed to a child’s bed without any effort. This way, you don’t have to buy several pieces of furniture one after the other: the convertible bed will stand the test of time. Plus, it’s a more sustainable and eco-friendly option!

Accents in black in the decoration of the baby’s room

deco idea black color wall of the child's room

This year we will see many baby rooms decorated with black accents. These accents and furniture in black create a huge effect on the decor and make the space really modern, elegant and above all neutral.

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