how does this benefit SCPI?

But did you know that you can benefit from it thanks to an SCPI real estate investment?

H2: Take advantage of the e-commerce boom with SCPIs

In 2021, turnover for the week of Black Friday reached 784 million euros, according to analysis firm GFK. And if it will be necessary to wait a little to know the results of 2022, the rise of e-commerce is likely to continue. Last year, 39% of this week’s activity of promotions of all kinds was captured by e-commerce, an increase of 7 points in two years.

Although many buyers are aware of the rise of e-commerce, not all of them are aware that they can take advantage of it through their real estate investments. In fact, SCPIs, these collective investment funds that buy properties for you and pay you rental income without concern for management, are more interested in logistics real estate that is essential to the operation of e-commerce.

“Within a few years, real estate investment companies turned to warehouses and other business premises necessary for the delivery of the goods. This is a very good real estate market: for informational purposes, the 10-year IRR for this asset class is 11.40% during 2011-2021 according to the Real Estate and Land Savings Institute (IEIF)”explains Antoine Cesari, wealth management advisor for the reference site

By choosing to invest in SCPIs targeting logistics real estate, savers can expect to achieve above average yield. Our specialist also added that more and more of them are using the SCPI simulator to get their own idea of ​​how much investment in rock paper can bring them.

H2: The emergence of SCPIs specializing in logistics

The potential of logistics real estate is such that there are now SCPIs that specialize 100% in this asset class. This is particularly the case ofActivImmo, the first SCPI fully dedicated to logistics real estateinaugurated in 2019.

Although relatively young in the market, it has convinced savers. As proof, it recorded the second best collection in the second quarter of 2022. With a capitalization of 688 million euros as of September 30, it is showing exponential growth, proving its popularity among savers.

This popularity is partly due to the quality of its management company, Alderan. The latter, who is one of the few players who previously specialized in logistics real estate, has already demonstrated his knowledge. In 2020, for its first full year, ActivImmo recorded a payment rate of 6.05%. And this high level of performance is maintained, 6.02% in 2021.

“ActivImmo is an SCPI that is highly valued by our customersAntoine Cesari confirmed. To support them well, however, I advise them to diversify their investment, by targeting several SCPIs invested in different real estate markets. This diversification makes it especially possible to reduce risks and not rely on one market.”

H2: Logistics real estate is increasingly sought after by investors… and by REITs!

Beyond specialized players, it is the entire stone paper market that focuses its attention on logistics and business areas. Many established SCPIs have diversified their real estate portfolios in this area. Like Corum Origin or Pierre Savingshave allocated a small portion of their assets to it, about 4 to 5%.

Others took the logic a little further, such as Vendome Regions, which represents approximately 15% of business premises in its real estate portfolio of more than one hundred buildings. The youth Iroko ZEN for its part, 18% of warehouses and 16% of business premises from these 46 buildings are owned.

Savers like SCPIs love logistics real estate. But, reminds our expert, we should not forget the need to diversify the strategies. Diversification is the foundation of a good SCPI investmentinsisted Antoine Cesari. Investing in real estate is not without risk and you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Hence the importance of being well advised to choose the best SCPI and distribute your investment well.”

If you are definitely interested in SCPIs and want to be involved in your project, the wealth management consultants of is at your disposal. With more than 10 years of experience, their goal is to make SCPI accessible to all types of savers. You can contact them for free at following number: or by making an appointment directly on the website, on a day and at a time that suits you.

Investing in SCPI does not present a capital guarantee. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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