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Since the 2010 World Cup and the discovery of the great oracle “Paul the octopus”, resident of the Oberhausen aquarium in Germany, it has become customary to call on the divination powers given to animals to know the outcome of the greatest posters of the competition. A few days before the kick-off of the 22nd edition of the Mondial, we invite you to discover some of the famous fortune tellers who love nuts, fish and salad, all or almost, who are able to determine the lucky winners.

The stars of previous editions

Nelly the Elephant (2010)

The great Nelly would not be so wrong in his career as an oracle!

A pioneer in his field, the German-based elephant started by predicting Women’s World Cup matches in 2006, then the Men’s World Cup in 2010 and Euro 2012.

To appoint his winners facing two cages decorated with flags, Nelly chooses to hit the ball to the team that will score some peanuts.

In the end, the pachyderm completed a series of 30 correct predictions out of 33, a success rate of 90.9%. Not seen yet! The elephant remains the most far-sighted animal and yet, he will still be challenged by a unique specimen!

Paul, the late octopus (2010)

It is impossible to approach Mondial’s beastly prophecies without paying homage to the most famous of the discipline, Paul, the oracle of Oberhausen.

In 2010, the octopus from Weymouth quickly found himself in the spotlight and stole the show from Diego Forlán, voted best player of the competition.

While Paul was enjoying happy days in his aquarium in Germany, his owners decided to develop his psychic faculties by introducing him to a little game at Euro 2008. The octopus was then there is a choice of opening in two transparent and ornate containers. of a flag with inside, a delicious shucked mussel.

Match after match, Paul opened the container decorated with the flag of the winning team, with a certain love for the Mannschaft. By falling only twice after fourteen matches, the mystical octopus had an 85% success rate.

His incredible gift became so popular that before the grand final of the World Cup between the Netherlands and Spain in South Africa, the bookmakers waited for his prediction to set the odds!

After the tragic loss of the octopod a few months later, many terrestrial, aquatic, feathered or hairy candidates have been placed in front of the stage to take the torch…

Shaheen the Camel (2014)

At the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, it was Shaheen’s turn to steal the show with her divinatory skills.

Sitting comfortably on the hot desert sand between two panels representing each country about to compete, the dromedary from Dubai designated his winners by chewing on the flag that inspired him the most.

As the competition progressed, the camelid’s accuracy increased significantly and its balance increased to 19 correct predictions out of 29, meaning a success rate of 66%. Better than Cabeção the turtle!

Achilles the cat (2018)

In 2018, when the World Cup was held in Russia, animal clairvoyance will still be called. Above the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the stars seem to have aligned to magnify the extraordinary powers of Achilles, a white, deaf, but very clairvoyant cat.

The Russian cat’s deafness is, according to its owners, the main reason for its particularly developed intuition.

In 2017, the cat started by predicting the future on the occasion of the FIFA Confederations Cup and then became the official predictor of the World Cup in 2018. It designated its winners by choosing from two bowls of croquette each representing a competing country.

Under pressure from journalists, however, the cat’s accuracy became less impressive than its predecessors. The fault with the croquettes, perhaps!

Marcus the Pig (2018)

In the shadow of the white cat, “Mystic Marcus”, a fat British pig famous for predicting the election of Donald Trump as well as Brexit, also indulged in predicting the outcome of World Cup matches by choosing from on some apples labeled flags.

The reliability of Derbyshire’s most famous pig only increased until the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup. real punch!

Which animal will be taken this year?

Romeo the eagle

A new feathered star could be the talk of the town this year! Romeo, the eagle from Malaysia already has more than 400 prediction videos on YouTube!

Premier League, Champions League, Nations League or even African Cup, no one has escaped the raptor on deck for months as the Qatari World Cup approaches.

To designate his winners, Romeo chooses with his beak from 3 small printed papers representing the flags of the countries concerned or the draw.

The Netherlands, Argentina and Brazil are among the big favorites with Eagle Devin also named the winners of each group.

According to him, France will emerge well from their pool, but behind Denmark, who he however sees concede a draw against Australia at the end of day one… Business to follow!

Alfie the alpaca

A resident of the “Fairytale Farm” children’s zoo in Oxfordshire, Alfie is a 10-year-old alpaca and according to his owners is particularly intelligent. Asked to predict a number of Group B matches involving the selection of Gareth Southgate, the alpaca would have been able to determine its winners by choosing between 2 feeders decorated with flags.

Despite losing for England against Iran at the end of the first day, Alfie saw the Three Lions reach the round of 16 after two victories, just like Gregg Berhalter’s Yanks!

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