CryptoDATA Tech has become the majority and strategic shareholder of the RNF MotoGP Team

BUCHAREST, Romania, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CryptoDATA Tech, a pioneer in blockchain technologies and developer of hardware and software cybersecurity solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in RNF Racing ltd. This strategic investment marks a significant step and highlights the beginning of a new era for the RNF MotoGP team (with 15 months of existence) and the Romanian holding company.

After announcing the partnership with the cybersecurity company Official Premium for the last three races of the season, CryptoDATA has become a partner that shares the same passion, the same values ​​and recognizes the potential value of a MotoGP team in the long term.

With CryptoDATA as the majority shareholder, the vision and strategy is to go beyond racing and expand the business and services in motorsports, mainly in MotoGP, but also to support the commercial and branding aspects of the team. The RNF MotoGP Team will continue to compete as an independent team in the top class of the FIM MotoGP World Championship. The team’s principal, Razlan Razali, remains in charge and focuses on the sporting and technical aspects of the team.

On the occasion of the last race of the season and to mark the start of this historic stage, the RNF MotoGP Team and CryptoDATA will present a special design on the day of the race at the Valencia Grand Prix.

Razlan Razali, Founder and Team Principal, RNF Racing Ltd,
said “Today marks a historic milestone for the team. I want to thank CryptoDATA for trusting me and the team for the future. »

“In a short time, the discussions turned into a long-term commitment. We have extended our partnership and as I said before, it is a fantastic collaboration. The union of the two companies will not only allow the team to be successful in the race, but also to develop the commercial aspects of the team and this is where the two parties join forces to share their expertise and experience. My main goal is to ensure that the team will fight for championship while the CryptoDATA team of smart, innovative and ambitious young talents will develop strategies to strengthen our position off the beaten path. »

“Building on the experience of our past successes and thanks to both a close and passionate team from our MotoGP stable and our strong group of riders, we are ready to return to competition at CryptoDATA for next season. »

Ovidiu TOMA, Managing Director and Founder of CryptoDATA Tech,
added: “We are pleased to extend our collaboration and become the majority shareholder of the RNF MotoGP Team. The MotoGP world championship is an exclusive and international showcase, a specific universe where the starting grid is like a stage for heroes where CryptoDATA found its place by sharing its values ​​and its goals. We became the first Romanian company to sponsor the Motorcycle Grand Prix at the Red Bull track this year, and we are now even more excited and motivated to become the majority shareholder of the RNF Team. This not only represents a historical milestone for CryptoDATA, but also a new beginning and a great motivation.

“We look forward to 2023 with optimism and confidence, as well as well-trained, serious and experienced executives leading our team. We will do everything we can to help the team achieve its goals and perform to its full potential in MotoGP. »

Bogdan Mărunţiş, Head of Global Strategy and Founder of CryptoDATA Tech,
added for his part “We are happy to announce our collaboration with the RNF team, and we are convinced that we can help the team define strategic goals for the coming season as well as long-term performance goals, not only on the circuit , but also off the circuit. We want to start transforming the team into a successful business that will deliver unique experiences for our fans and partners while promoting our brand values ​​in the best racing series in the world . »

“As representatives of CryptoDATA, we will be in charge of the strategic management of the company and we will work hard to ensure stability and further strengthen the team’s position in the MotoGP world and in the business world. . »

Carmelo Ezpeleta, General Manager of Dorna Sports SL,
“The agreement reached by Razlan Razali with CryptoDATA allows him to maintain the viability and presence of his project in MotoGP. We are glad to see a new sponsor supporting a team, especially the one offered by Dorna in the championship. We are happy with the relationship with CryptoDATA during the Austrian Grand Prix, the company has plans to grow and brings the idea of ​​putting joint actions in place with Aprilia for next year, which is an asset needed stability in MotoGP , it is a very warm welcome for CryptoDATA in this universe. The fact that companies do not limit their participation to a single sponsorship area but to a whole team shows the important role that motorsport and MotoGP play in particular. We know that Razlan has a lot of requests, and we believe that he has chosen the best option for hinah arap and to consolidate his structure. »

About the RNF MotoGP Team

A new beginning, a partnership that goes beyond racing. The RNF MotoGP team will debut in the premier class of the FIM MotoGP World Championship in 2023 as the first satellite team for Aprilia. Portuguese MotoGP rider Miguel Oliveira, five-time winner of the event, will be linked with young Spanish hopeful Raul Fernandez, vice-world Moto2 champion in 2021.

The arrival of CryptoDATA to the RNF MotoGP team means sustainability on and off the track as it emphasizes development and improved performance for the upcoming season. The team will work together on two missions, CryptoDATA leading the business side while the RNF MotoGP team will focus on the sport itself.

Our shared passion for performance, innovation and technology will bring new and unique value to the world of motorsport.

About CryptoDATA Tech

CryptoDATA Tech is a global ambassador promoting the importance of data security and digital privacy around the world. The company is a pioneer in developing services and products based on blockchain technology that enables private and secure communication, meeting the requirements of its employees as well as technology users around the world. Wispr, one of the main products developed by the company, is an online messaging application that allows motorsport fans to exchange messages without barriers, anywhere in the world, thus fueling the passion and determination of the motorsport community.

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Phone: +40750803241

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