A mother tries an appeal for child failure after eleven years on the run with her daughter

This is the story of two parents who separated themselves from the custody of their daughter, based on accusations of rape and an incredible escape, interrupted by a routine traffic check in March. This Wednesday, the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal looks at the very sensitive case of the disappearance of eleven years of little Camille, who was abducted by her mother after a stormy separation, and found opportunity. 20 minutes back to this case.

What are the facts?

Living far away in Var, Priscilla Majani separated in 2008 from the father of her daughter Camille, before starting divorce proceedings. The two ex-spouses fought a heated legal battle for custody of the child. “In 2008-2009, many handrails described the situation of conflictual separation of the spouses in the current divorce proceedings”, can we read in the order for reference.

In January 2011, Prisicilla Majani filed a complaint against her ex-husband for sexually assaulting and raping little Camille. On February 21, 2011, the procedure was dismissed based on several expert reports. Soon after, Priscilla Majani disappeared along with her daughter. He has since been the subject of two arrest warrants. The mother was sentenced twice in Toulon, in 2011 and 2016, for not representing a child, first to one year in prison (penalty prescribed today) then to three years in prison.

He was also sentenced in 2015 to two years in prison for defamatory and false accusations brought against his ex-husband, following rape accusations. For his part, the latter blames his ex-husband for manipulating their daughter, who still does not want to see him to this day.

Last March, a police check in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland identified Priscilla Majani, who lived in the region with Camille, now 17 years old. During her arrest, the mother explained that she had been hiding in Switzerland for six to seven years, after living in “different countries”. He was released in August at the request of French authorities. .

What was said the first time?

On September 16, after a tense and long five-hour hearing, the Toulon Criminal Court sentenced Priscilla Majani, now 48, to two years in prison for defaming her ex-husband. right for non-presentation of his son. In his accusation, the representative of the public prosecutor’s office, Dominique Mirkovic, called for the conviction of “a manipulative mother, who made a plot against the father”, dismissing the thesis of the defense of “a simple concerned mother, who tried to protect her son. The court awarded the father 25,000 euros in compensation for the damage suffered and 1,500 euros for the costs incurred.

A decision was appealed by Priscillia Majani’s lawyer, Me Myriam Guedj-Benayoun, who intends to plead for release this Wednesday. “What I experienced in this trial, I have never experienced elsewhere, the lawyer was surprised. The first hearing was very bad. I filed a complaint with the Superior Council of the Judiciary and I asked my chairman for protection because I was under pressure and threats. »

A Priscilla Majani support committee has been set up. Led by the actress Eva Darlan, many stars, such as Bruno Solo, Mimie Mathy, Audrey Pulvar, Lio or the actress Andrea Bescond, known for her autobiographical film Ticklings which reflects on the sexual violence he suffered as a child. In a press release, these personalities asked “in the name of humanity, the release of Priscilla who was only protecting her child. »

“In Aix-en-Provence, on November 23, the trial of the appeal of a mother who chose, against her own interest, to protect her child will begin, wrote the support committee in this statement. Justice is not believed Priscilla’s word, more than her daughter who maintained her statements. If the presumption of innocence applied regarding the father, the precautionary principle protecting a child from his possible aggressor did not apply. When November 18, in a document that 20 minutes was able to consult, Camille filed a complaint against her father in the Swiss courts for psychological, physical and sexual violence. She specifically stated in this complaint that she was the victim of touching and penetration on the latter’s part.

“My client does not expect much from this hearing, except for the confirmation of the sentence and the damages that will give him comfort to compensate for what happened, said Me Olivier Ferri, the lawyer of Camille’s father, who is now 74 years old. At the last hearing, she had to leave with a police escort, we know she will never see this child again, forever away from her mother. No more illusions. Camille now at 17 years old . He doesn’t want to see his father anymore. »

Where is Camilla?

Since her mother’s arrest, Camille has been placed under curatorship in Switzerland. “The authorities have hidden his identity and his establishment, referred to Me Guedj-Benayoun. He has not seen his mother, who has been imprisoned since February 2022, but they are allowed to call each other. “The teenager is, again , it would be great to be absent from this test.

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