a strategy that combines e-commerce and local locations

Strolling through its digital aisles, one finds bikes of all kinds and plenty of spare parts to fix them up. Watches. GPS. Sports or hiking shoes. Tents for mountain trips. Gloves, backpacks, cereal bars and other anti-friction creams.

Boasting 100,000 references, Alltricks has been, since its creation in 2008, an Ali Baba’s cave for those practicing cycling, running and outdoor sports. A cave that mobilizes 330 employees. And generated last year a turnover of 170 million euros in volume. A development based on years of trying to establish itself on the internet, but not only.

To enter the world of Alltricks, clicking is not the only way for ten years, as the company has opened six stores where customers can discover, see and touch between 3,000 and 5,000 references of products, in addition to the ability to order everything. the products on the site. Six stores dot the French territory. ” The first store was opened in Yvelines, right next to our offices, where we ended it in isolation. says Gary Anssens, founder of Alltricks. Then five others appear in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Annemasse and Bouc-Bel-Air.

A physical presence to complete the service offering

With these stores, the company is opening the door to a new type of customer. ” Customers who are more novice, less specialized in products, who, to buy a first bike, for example, need to try it and to get advice. Then they want to have a place to service it “.

As for the most up-to-date way, the store is an opportunity to offer them new services. ” For example, we can offer them postural studies. We do them pedal and We put electrodes on their body to study what is the best posture to combine comfort and performance. You can fix that bike “. And for the most expensive bicycles, the price of which can reach 15,000 euros, the purchase in physics can also be acclaimed, just to make sure that the investment is worth it.

Finally, each store adapts to local specifications. In Bouc-Bel-Air, for example, the outdoor sports section occupies a more important place than elsewhere. And the company can also open, elsewhere in France, capsule stores, centered on a specific type of activity.

But Alltricks isn’t just expanding stores across France. In Bouc-Bel-Air, the company also set up a second office. A decision resulting from the desires of its employees and from the proposal of its shareholder, Decathlon.

The second office during the day

At the end of 2019, some employees informed us that they wanted us to open other offices to be part of the company for a long time while undertaking personal projects such as buying a house or living in a sunnier place. “. Eager to retain its employees, the company is studying the issue. Close to the sea, with many natural spaces conducive to sports activities and relevant from a logistical point of view, the metropolis of Aix-Marseille was identified as a favorable location.

And in the same period of time, we approached Decathlon which became our shareholder “. However, it turns out that the sports giant has a shopping center with services – including childcare – and sports facilities integrated into its “village” of Bouc-Bel-Air. A godsend, especially since the company, which does not yet have a store in the region, plans to do so.

The Provençal branch of the company resides there, which now welcomes 70 employees, including 6 dedicated to the store. Among them, a third left the Paris office where they previously worked. The third was recruited locally. And the third is from the four corners of France, driven by the desire to change their living environment after the existing storm generated by covid-19.

Reconditioning of bicycles

To continue its growth, the company is planning new store openings. Two in the first half of 2023. To reach fifteen stores in three to five years. Export is also a development axis. ” We sell products in Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and increasingly in Portugal and the United Kingdom. that’s it represented 25 to 30% of our turnover. We aim for 40% by 2024 “.

A development that also involves the expansion of the Alltricks business following the acquisition in 2020 of Troc Vélo, a leader in the sale of used bicycles.

In addition to managing this secondary brand that allows it to segment its offer between new and used bikes, the company has decided to start reconditioning bikes that are too worn to sell at a good price. condition. Bikes can be shipped with specially designed boxes and made available to Alltricks dealers or picked up in store. The company is responsible for evaluating them, buying them, repairing them and then reselling them. Raising awareness at the same time in the interest of properly maintaining your bike, both for ecological and economic reasons. Maintenance that can certainly be carried out in its stores. The loop is perfect.