Pyrénées-Orientales: several students victims of the touch of a partner, mother of a student questions the reaction of the college

Several incidents of sexual touching are said to have taken place at the Pierre Mendès France college in Saint-André, between last year and this year. The offending student was punished, but the mother of one of the girls concerned believes that the college took things too lightly, and that she was not properly informed of the facts.

“An educational commission seems a bit limited to me for these kinds of facts”, judging a parent of a student. However, this is how the college of Pierre Mendès France in Saint-André decided to manage the situation, when at the beginning of October three female students aged 5eEmma, ​​Inès and Grandmaexplain that all three will be victims of the same 4-year-old boye Leo, who allegedly committed sexual violence on several occasions, from requests for fellatio to touching private parts. The educational commission in question decided on the temporary exclusion of two days, confirming the rectorate of the Montpellier academy. But for Celine

Lola’s mother, beyond the sanction that she considers too light, this is also the way the college reacts to be discussed: “The CPE called me one night, to explain to me what happened. Except that it happened a week ago, and that the sanction was pronounced without informing me of anything”mother moans. In the following days, he called the college several times to ask to meet with the heads of the establishment. No success. So he decided to go to the scene in person to have an explanation. It’s the cold shower. “I was told they wouldn’t listen to me because I didn’t have to push myself like that”

. Dismissed, the mother obtained, with Inès’s mother, an appointment the next day. Both received an explanation for the fact that they were not notified immediately: it would be a problem of understanding between the CPE and the assistant principal, each thinking that the other had called the other family. And also, because of a delay to ensure that it is not

“of a scheme” from college girls. In this meeting, they also learned that similar facts happened last year, with sexual demands from Leo to another student (read below). The boy would have been punished with several hours in jail.If repeated, it will go to the disciplinary council. The day before the Toussaint school holidays, Céline was offered an interview with the principal of the college and the CPE. But the mother was surprised:“They told me that the rectorate asked them to accept me”

. Despite the one-hour meeting, the dialogue broke down. Celine is awaiting a stronger punishment. We are the opposite of explaining to him “that we cannot judge twice, and a decision has already been made in the education commission”.

The mother leaves the office, confused. And with this promise:

“If it happens again, it will go to the disciplinary council”. That didn’t take long. A week after the start of the Toussaint holidays, Céline learns from the mother of another student that a disciplinary council is definitely scheduled for November 15. The teenager will once again perform acts of sexual touching on Emma, ​​​​​​​on October 21, the day when Celine was received by the principal. During the school holidays, it would have been decided as a precaution that Léo would not return to the college before the disciplinary council, at the end of which he would definitely be excluded from the establishment of the school, indicated in the rectorate. Last year’s history“The college contacted me a few days before the end of the school year to tell me what happened. The speech was ‘we let the school holidays pass’. My daughter didn’t want me to talk about it , I don’t know exactly when it happened. But at the beginning of June, he got scared, I don’t understand why. After knowing the facts, it’s clearer”

, said Nathalie, the mother of a schoolgirl who was also Leo’s victim. For now, the mother of the family has no plans to file a complaint against the young man.

“My daughter is seeing a shrink, it’s much better. We will not file a complaint, it was painful enough like that. But if I’m asked to testify about the fact that college was a bit borderline, I will do it”

he says.

The rector gives the details “Permanent expulsion from an establishment is the highest punishment within a school or educational institution”underlined for its part the rectorate of the academy of Montpellier.

Regarding case handling within the college,

“The leadership accepted and accompanied the families of the victimized students. The follow-up of the school nurse, the social worker and a psychologist from National Education was offered by the head of the establishment to the three families of the students who were accepted. The educational of the college The team remains attentive to the families as long as necessary. The situation is continuously monitored by the management of the National Education services in Pyrénées-Orientales. Departmental and academic services are mobilized for the prevention of violence based in gender. and sexual

“, said the rectorate again.

The Perpignan public prosecutor’s office was not informed by the school Until Céline’s complaint to the Argelès gendarmerie, the Perpignan prosecutor’s office confirmed to us that it had not been informed of these facts. However, in a guideline published by the National Education, it should be a priority in case sexual violence is revealed, especially since this principle is reinforced by the code of criminal procedure: “Any constituted authority, any public officer or civil servant who , In the performance of his duties, having knowledge of a crime or misdemeanor is required to give notice of it without delay to the public prosecutor and to send to this magistrate all information, minutes and actions related here”. All names have been changed

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