Reborn, the second-hand ad site (on video!) for cheap furniture

Posted on Nov 23, 2022, 12:30 PMUpdated on Nov 23, 2022, 12:31 PM

After leaving their family, Ismail Landoulsi (25) and Adam Achir (26) both experienced the inconvenience of providing themselves at low prices, with second-hand products bought on popular platforms. “We ran into a lot of problems: a sofa that was damaged by cat scratches even though the ad didn’t specify it, a table with a leg missing that can’t be seen in the picture, the rental of a truck and the hours spent in the road for nothing, not to mention scams via SMS and emails…” said Adam.

Realizing that they are far from the only ones to experience these misadventures, the two friends decide to create Reborn, a site for selling second-hand furniture and decorative items where the seller is invited to film his article. “to avoid unpleasant surprises”. They incorporate “secure messaging like Airbnb” to reduce the risk of phishing and give sellers and buyers the opportunity to “ to negotiate the price, like with Vinted”. Finally, they offer delivery “at your door and not on the sidewalk” (in Ile-de-France for the moment and free for their debut) or paid by the seller “at the price he wants”.

Zero mental burden

Ismail and Adam raised 70,000 euros from business angels and BPI France to finance their project. Partially launched in September 2022, their start-up was elected Pépite Tech by the French Tech community out of 85 young shoots.

After two months, their platform displays more than 300 products and claims several thousand visitors per month, who are conquered by this “user friendly” site that offers an alternative way of “furniture at a low price, in complete transparency and security, with no mental burden for delivery” summing up Adam.

Ismail Landoulsi and Adam Achir, the co-founders of Reborn.Credit: City of Pantin/Justine Davo

The two friends fail on their first attempt. During their studies at ISG Paris, together they built a ski association within the school. “We noticed that we work well together, that we are compatible and we decided to continue further”, Adam smiled. They are creating their first start-up in 2020, a company for creating, managing and operating e-commerce sites. “We achieved more than 600,000 euros in turnover in six months from our sofa”, continued the young man. And admit it, “it’s a way to make money, but not the project of our life”.

Be Too Good to Go with furniture

At Reborn, the two founders admit to being more in tune with their ecological conscience. According to Symevad (United association for waste disposal and recovery), approximately 1.3 million tons of used furniture, or 20 kg per inhabitant, is thrown away every year. “From the beginning, we thought of Reborn as an activity that is part of the circular economy. It is an inseparable whole, enshrined in our missions and in the company’s laws”, Adam greeted.

This approach is in the process of arousing the interest of major furniture brands, hampered by the anti-waste law for a circular economy (Agec) that requires them to comply with the rules. Château d’Ax, La Maison Contemporaine, Tablacasa, Grand Litier and Les Experts Meubles are already testing Reborn. “They sell their unsold, partially damaged products or their exhibition models at a reduced price on our platform, avoiding throwing them away, selling them to destockers or donating them to associations” , argues Adam, in conversation with Conforama, Cuisinella and Stressless.

Fundraising is currently underway

80 pieces of professional furniture are already visible on the site. An interface will soon be assigned to them to differentiate between individuals. The current fundraising will finance this project as well as recruiting tech and marketing profiles to raise the team to eight people. “ In three weeks, we have collected almost 30% of the desired 500,000 euros”, Adam said confidently.

The company is paid by taking a commission on each sale, up to 10% of the property price and at the buyer’s expense. Added to this are 3.90 euros of consumer protection costs.

Ultimately, the two entrepreneurs aim to make Reborn the preferred anti-waste alternative for furniture brands, like Too Good To Go, the app that lets you collect unsold items from merchants in low price. With 22,000 furniture stores in France subject to the Agec law and a turnover of second-hand furniture on the Internet of 1.7 billion euros (Xerfi study), the future seems promising for the startup.

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