The Shippr brand and its delivery services

Shippr, a new vision for delivery logistics

Born in 2017, Shippr has grown exponentially. Seizing new consumer needs, the company quickly specialized in same-day delivery. At that time, it was still common to receive a message from the carrier informing the recipient of a delivery time slot from 8 am to 6 pm In the face of the frustration generated by these situations Shippr was born to create an efficient and reliable logistics solution.

A real logistical challenge, same-day delivery required the development of innovative tools for Shippr. Since the first successful delivery on the Belgian market, the venture has accelerated considerably. After two capital increases, the platform debuted in Paris in 2019, becoming a benchmark for same-day delivery and expanding its offer. Since then, restaurateurs, online sales sites, wholesalers, florists, retailers, event organizers, chocolate makers and even players in the pharmaceutical industry have trusted him.

A simple and powerful platform

To support artisans and companies in their growth, Shippr has developed an innovative networking platform. After a customized implementation, companies can access this easy-to-use tool. All deliveries are displayed and their live tracking is done with a few clicks. On the recipient side, the experience is optimal as they are notified via SMS or email of the arrival of their delivery at various key times. To support companies, operational support is available 7 days a week. Always on the lookout for optimizing its solutions and new challenges, Shippr also offers a personalized delivery service.

A network of responsive carriers

For its activity in France and Belgium, Shippr can rely on professional carriers with different vehicles. The platform helps these transport companies and independent carriers optimize their routes for deliveries that meet customer requirements within the deadlines announced to the recipient. The shippr fleet thus combines:

  • Cargo bikes (insulated boxes, solid products, catering packages or flower bouquets);
  • Scooters (express mail, fast food, small items like a box of wine);
  • Vehicles (delivery of groceries to individuals, caterers, flowers, food parcels);
  • Classic or refrigerated vans:
    • 3 m³ van (e-commerce parcels, household appliances, tools, pharmaceutical products);
    • 5 m³ van (transportation of plants, rotation of lunchboxes, transport for wholesalers or market gardeners);
    • 10 m³ van (furniture, decoration, events, construction);
  • Classic or refrigerated 20 m³ trucks (pallets, large volumes, event equipment).

Thus, each company will find an offer adapted to its product while meeting the requirements of its customers or its business requirements. The Shippr platform thus makes it possible to arrange deliveries of several types:

  • Custom made;
  • Over and over again;
  • Fragile packages;
  • Big package;
  • Small parcels;
  • Refrigerated transport;
  • Evening delivery;
  • Multi-destination tours.

With same-day delivery, Shippr delivers directly, bypassing sorting centers, to ensure the safety and integrity of each product.

A strong ecological and social commitment

Customer satisfaction is not Shippr’s only challenge. The delivery experience must be a success while limiting its impact on the environment. Therefore, the company is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. To create logistics solutions consistent with a logic of sustainable development, Shippr is investing in the field. Promoting ecological driving, optimizing routes and delivery volumes are important levers for action. Another attractive point of the company’s daily efforts: maintaining a high First Time Right rate. Achieving as many deliveries as possible the first time ensures an optimal customer and end-consumer experience while helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Shippr is committed to achieving BCorp certification in 2024. Therefore, the company promotes a model that promotes the establishment of prosperous working conditions for all actors invested in the supply chain. For those who deliver, this strategy revolves around 3 axes: reliable business opportunities, support in their development and working conditions above the market average. Aware of social and environmental issues, Shippr is a forward-looking company. The latter also seems to shine with the recent fundraising of 10 million euros bringing to its capital SFPI/FPIM and the Force Over Mass Capital and SimpliCity funds. This amount will allow it to consolidate its offer in France and Belgium while turning to the international market.

With Shippr, same-day delivery is achievable for every business. Thanks to this platform for connecting transport professionals, workers, traders and restaurateurs have a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Thus they meet the requirements of their customers and their business, two requirements to increase the growth of a company.