“Bullfighting is not a fight but a session of criminal torture”: Henry-Jean Servat committed to the ban

Anti-corrida, claims the writer Henry-Jean Servat. He explained this in this column published by Midi Libre in the name of his love for animals and “the bright beauty of our South.”

“Of all cruel things, the end must be considered. For there it is. The end of bullfighting, written without a capital letter, is near. The agony of this national shame is never ending. It is near. die, maybe not this time, but definitely next time.

The end of a bullfight is ugly and dirty. It’s scary. Crapotoous and nauseous. There are people vomiting, screaming children traumatized by life, many beautiful women crying, faces of fear in the air, panicked couples, stunned babies, fainting American tourists, organizers counting receipt cents more and more evil because less. and less and public subsidies that have nothing to do with that.

How can it be understood that madmen can applaud this loss?

Yes, bullfighting, ugly and dirty, that’s the exact word, really disgusting. There was blood everywhere, cries of distraught men and women, nervous breakdowns, tears flowing and spilling onto the ground. In the sand, the bull while still shaking after being pierced by a sword and stabbed in the neck, the ear was cut off.

How can you ask the lunatics who, without any justification, bleed, pierce, embarrass and mutilate a majestic animal not to mutilate its carcass? How can it be understood, in this terrible hour, that mad fools can pontificate, laugh, rejoice and applaud this fall that can only be theirs. They do it, they dare. The corrida, obviously, does not respect the bull it claims to admire. I am crazy about bulls, their strength, their majesty, their beauty. And I love them dearly. How can a people who call themselves ‘bull people’ send an animal they value to cruel torture, and it is a question, cowardly, of exhausting, little by little, step by step, by not forgiving him of any villainy? First the pike at the end of a spear with a horse fearing the worst, then six banderillas with large metal harpoons and a 92 cm sword to kill it.

I love animals more than anything, I don’t eat them anymore, and I defend them

Can it be imagined that, in order to show one’s love and appreciation to this grand herbivore, one needs to pierce its skin, tear its skin, cut its flesh, break its bones, puncture its lungs? There are a lot of people who are disgusted by this work. There are ministers, mayors, journalists and even representatives from the South who, through unconsciousness or ignorance, weakness or madness, make people believe that love for their region is the continuation of these disgraces from another time, while these horrors pollute our great nation made of the sweetness of life and the dream of happiness.

Bullfighting, I know something about it because, when I started as a journalist in Midi-Libre, in Béziers and in Nîmes before Montpellier, I saw it, I saw it again and I even wrote about it. I, then, was presumptuous and arrogant, young and dumb, and I did not know what was hidden behind this real, exact word, “as long as”, it was an indefensible massacre of great ruminants, polluting in our regions and damaging to France. I love animals more than anything, I no longer eat them, and I defend them, in Nice as in the Camargue and everywhere else, because they are creatures that are mistreated by man. And I want to shout that bullfighting has nothing to do, nothing at all, with the apparent beauty of our South, where I love and respect the ferias, the bouvine, the traditions, the poetry, the soul, the 6123 verses of Mireille de Mistral I want to know by heart, the white horses, the colored shirts.

So why hate the beauty of their region to the point of turning it into a land soaked in blood?

The bullfight that most citizens, especially from here, would like to see eliminated was not born here. It was imported from Spain in 1853, as a wedding gift, to please Eugénie de Montijo, arriving from Granada to marry Napoleon III. Organized in Bayonne for the first time, which is highly contested, it has nothing French or Mediterranean about it and does not represent the true South, lovers of Nature and ancestral traditions.

Who would believe that bullfighting affects our Culture, if not its smear? Who feels taller, more beautiful, nobler, prouder, nobler, more elegant when seeing a magnificent animal pierced through the skin with irons and shovels, its neck ligaments broken with the ‘pickhammer’ technique ? and spat in the streams of his blood. his nose?

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Let’s forget the sermon on the philosophy of welfare, the supposed meditation on death (omni present in our lives, from Ukraine to Ehpad), the ugliness of the supposed aesthetic spectacle, the shame of preparing the bull on many occasions (reduced. horns, invisible abuse) and the overwhelming shame of seeing a troop of them chasing a solitary, peaceful and meditative animal. Bullfighting is not a fight but a session of criminal torture. And the crucible of a region cannot be the criminal torture of an animal.

So why hate the beauty of their region to the point of turning it into a land soaked in blood?
Be wise, oh my pain, cruelty is about to end. The bullfighting is over. The end of cowardice and filth. No more vomit, blood, mud and shit, even in silk stockings. Tomorrow is another day.”

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